State BOE alters teacher evaluations

Joe Vrabley

Joe Vrabley

HARTFORD – The state Board of Education today voted unanimously to change the controversial system of evaluating teachers in part on a test that is still being tested.

The changes will step back from a plan to start counting 22.5 percent of a teacher’s annual evaluation on a state standardized test score.

The state test is being changed and was piloted for the first time this year so delayed the process for this year and next year pending federal approval. This change  would allow the state test or other tests to be used beginning in 2015-16 school year.

Board member Joseph J. Vrabely Jr. voted for the change reluctantly. He worries that the state will back off of reforms he believes will work. “We are really on the right track,” he said. “We still have student performance that is below standard.” He worries that changes are really an aversion to the Common Core curriculum not merely a confusion to the roll out. He said if future proposals are to change the Common Core itself he will vote against it. “Shame on us if we approve this and don’t come back and stand by this conviction,” he said. . Supports reluctantly

Linda Lambeck