They can see you in Bridgeport schools

photo 2BRIDGEPORT – The next time you think are wandering down a empty corridor in a city school and have the feeling you are being watched, chances are you are right.

The city police department today opened up its school security command center which now has double the number of wide, split-screen monitors it had a year ago. The equipment is capable of zooming in on dozens of spots in and out of 19 schools in the district. There are also an estimated 1,400 cameras.

 Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. said extra equipment and cameras were purchased through a $1.3 million school security grant. There are also new badges for all staff in the district that soon will serve as electronic entry keys into their buildings.

According to Gaudett, the district still has a safe corridors program in operation around the high schools and several elementary schools to make sure students can get to school and get home safely.


Linda Lambeck