Who Said Tails Was Bad Luck?

How many times have you been walking somewhere and see a penny on the ground?  You bend down to pick it up, but stop because you notice it is facing tails-side up, not heads.  So you get back up, leave it there, and walk away.  Since we were young, society and culture has taught us that picking up a penny on the tails side is bad luck.  However, I am going to encourage you to go ahead and pick that penny off the ground!

I don’t know whoever made up the story that pennies facing tail-side up are bad luck because finding any type of money on the ground should be a sign of good luck, especially in today’s economy!  Since pennies are made of copper, they cannot decompose.  We also need to Recirculate to Recycle and prevent new coins from being minted.  This will reduce extraction of precious metals ad reduce the pollution caused during the production of coins.  Picking up any coins off the ground, regardless if they are facing heads or tails, will make you a richer person! Yes you might be only one penny richer, but every cent adds up.  Just think, if you’ve picked up every coin you’ve ever walked past, you would have more than “just a penny.”

P.S. Yes that circular spot on the ground in the picture that looks like another penny is gum.  Make sure you Say NO to Gum so the ground won’t be covered in spots that look like coins!

Hilary Ego