Paper Clips vs Staples

Homework and papers are all a part of being a student and when completed, the final task to print them (double sided), and attach them so each page stays together.  Most students reach for the stapler to staple their papers together, however do they ever stop to think that that little piece of steel cannot be reused and most likely cannot be recycled?  An alternative to stapling papers together is to use a paper clip.  Now some may argue that paper clips are made of more metal than a staple, which is true, however paper clips can be reused many times.  Typically, homework assignments and term papers are returned to the student so the paper clip can then be reused again.

By eliminating staples and reusing paper clips, you will be reducing the amount of pollution caused in the mining of precious metals and by the production and transportation of the staples.  If you invest in paper clips, they will last you a long time therefore saving you some money by not having to buy more staples.  Also, staples require a stapling device, which is another cost for the environment and your wallet.  You may not think that a tiny staple will hurt the environment, but just keep in mind that every little thing adds up to one big change.

Hilary Ego