Natural Sunlight vs Gas/Electric Dryer

As we hang up our turtlenecks and coats and say goodbye to Winter, we are giving a warm welcome to Spring’s sunlight and warm temperatures!  Increased temperatures send out personal invitations for humans and other species to interact in the warm and friendly outdoors.  This increase in heat energy also allows us to utilize the natural energy source for a variety of uses.  This EGOlogical tip encourages you to say NO to your electric/gas powered dryer and begin drying your clothes in the sun.

Saying NO to a dryer will reduce the amount of pollution emitted when creating the energy and it will also reduce your gas and electric bills.  If you have access to a backyard, set up a clothing line outside to hang up your clothes.  If you don’t have access to a backyard, get creative and find places around your home to hang your clothes to dry, such as the shower, balcony, or chairs. By not throwing your clothes in the dryer will also prolong the life of your clothes since they won’t be tossed around in an electric monster.  This will prevent you from having to purchase more clothes in the future.  You may notice your clothes may not have that fluffy teddy bear soft feeling once hung up and dried, but I guarantee your clothes will be perfectly okay and you’ll still be looking mighty fine.

Hilary Ego