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Lid vs No Lid

Lid vs. No Lid

Time… We all wish we could have a little more of it in our busy lives especially when it comes to cooking a quick meal.  With a full schedule, a satisfying meal could be as simple as making a pasta
Hosting a Holiday Party

Have a Green…er Holiday Party

Well folks, another year… another holiday season!  As we plan our parties with friends and gatherings with family, we begin to realize… “My goodness this is a lot of work!”  On top of the usual
Say NO to Bagged Salads Use Heads of Lettuce

Say NO to Bagged Salads

In today’s modern society, people tend to live exceptionally busy lifestyles.  Innovations in technology have found ways to make everyday tasks more convenient and save some precious time.  One of
Microwave vs Oven

Microwave vs Oven

Let’s pretend it’s a Wednesday afternoon/evening.  You come home from school or work and you decide you want to make a baked potato.  The next thing you do is decide whether or not you should cook it
Green Cleaners JAWS Just Add Water System

Green Cleaning

It happens quite often throughout your home; juice spills on the kitchen counter, bathroom gunk build up, bacon grease stuck on the stove … Surfaces are difficult to keep clean and are often subject
Cool Down before Refrigeration

Cool Down

When cooking large hot meals, it can often lead to having left overs for another time.  After consuming your hot meal before storing it, make sure you stay away from using plastic bags and keep food
Empty vs Full Freezer

Empty vs Full Freezer

Your refrigerator and freezer take up about seven to nine percent of your energy bill.  There are many ways to reduce the amount of energy used to keep your freezer cool by simply reducing the amount

Cold vs Hot Laundry

How many times have you fiddled with the settings of your washing machine and wondered if you are applying the right settings for each load of laundry?  Every washing machine is different and can

Quick Snack

We all do it…  You’re sitting there watching TV or busy studying/facebooking at home and then all of the sudden you get that hungry feeling and walk into the kitchen to grab a snack.  Your first move

Prolong Your Computer Battery Life

One day during my environmental policy class, my friend showed me a new trick to make my computer battery last a little bit longer.  I thought he was a genius and decided to share it with you.