Samuelson To Join Her Sister At Stanford

The Huskies have lost another recruit from the Class of 2013. Karlie Samuelson, a 6-foot guard from Huntington Beach, Calif., has made an oral commitment to join her sister, Bonnie, at Stanford.

Bonnie Samuelson, a rising sophomore with the Cardinal, revealed her sister’s decision late last night via Twitter.

Here is the tweet: Bonnie Samuelson ‏@bonaldean41
Karlie just committed to Stanford!!!!!!!! I’m super stoked and can’t wait to play with my sister again!!! #sisteract

Karlie Samuelson becomes UConn’s third 2013 target to commit elsewhere. Diamond DeShields committed to North Carolina and Taya Reimer committed to Notre Dame.

The Huskies remain involved with Linnae Harper, a 5-7 guard from Chicago, Erica McCall, a 6-3 post player from Bakersfield, Calif., and Saniya Chong, a 5-9 guard from Ossining, N.Y.


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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    You want to talk about programs going down the tubes. Tenn, yes old Rocky Top. Without the old bitty look for a real slide.

  2. janetuture843 says:

    Wow Jake and Both. You both are idiots. Uconn will be just fine. MJ just wanted to play with her sister. Show some respect. She wouldn’t have had much if any playing time at all. How were they useless recruits? Just because they miss out 2013 targets don’t mean anything. Uconn will be fine. The have a great in comming class and so what if they miss out on the big ones. Get over the EDD thing. She wanted out due to being homesick and she’s happy where she is at so why cant you be happy? D went to UNC. It was her choice. Not yours. Also how do you even know Geno won’t sign any hoopgurlz top 15 players again? Again you are not Geno or any of the coaches or the girls. You two are not fans, so why are you even commenting? Ur not the coach so quit whining and don’t comment or watch if you are not even fans.

  3. Jake From State Farm says:

    HS Class of 2012 will be the Very Last class that Auriemma coaches for 4 years at UConn. Auriemma will leave UConn in 7 years or less.

    Auriemma does Not want to leave any HS AA hanging when he leaves UConn. So do Not expect UConn WBB to sign any HoopGurlz Top 15 players ever again.

    Once Auriemma leaves, UConn’s WBB program will become Irrelevant. HS AA came to UConn to play for Auriemma. HS AA did Not choose UConn over Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Tennessee, or Baylor for the education.

    All Leaders Leave. All Empires Fall.

  4. Bob Woodson says:

    UConn’s *stellar* class of 2013 negates the *over hyped* class of 2012. Geno and CD get an F for 2013 so far.

    Assuming that the 3 Amigos of 2012 play 4 years at UConn, there will be a huge hole to fill when they graduate. Based on recent history and the fact teenagers change their minds, it would not surprise me to see 1 of the Big 3 of 2012 transfer from UConn because they miss home.

    2009 recruiting class yielded 1 great defender who is not guarded on offense. Combine the 2009 class with the 2008 class of Hayes, injury prone Doty, and Buck, and it is easy to see why UConn did not win a NC after Tina graduated.

    Kerns, Dixon, Buck, Engeln, and Johnson were all useless recruits. Dixon’s senior year was a semi-bright spot. That’s all UConn got out of those 5 players.

    And of course there was EDD and Samarie. Not to mention DD. What is up with the Double D’s – EDD and DD – not liking UConn?