Hartley Continues To Progress

Junior All-American Bria Hartley missed her second straight game today as the Huskies defeated No. 16 Texas A&M 81-50 at Reed Arena. However, she is making steady progress in her bid to return to action.

Hartley was not wearing a walking boot. And UConn coach Geno Auriemma said afterward that she did some work at practice Friday and Saturday. She participated in drills, even seeing some fullcourt work without facing a defense.

The Huskies will have Monday off as they travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands where they will play three games in three days at the Paradise Jam. The hope is that Hartley will be able to play in Thursday’s opener against Wake Forest.

“She fell down three times, tripped over her own foot, threw the ball away seven times,’’ Auriemma said. “So she’s working her way close to normal. (She) practiced a little bit. And she said it felt better. So Tuesday we’ll see how she feels and then we’ll get her to do more on Tuesday if we can. And then if she feels OK Wednesday morning she’ll do more on Wednesday. So every day depending on how she feels we’re going to get her to do more.’’