UConn 81, Marist 39 Final

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  1. UNC Women's Soccer #1 Fan says:

    Not trying to stir up trouble. Body language does not lie. Just like actions on the court or on the sidelines. Last year and this year, Hartley clearly avoids passing to certain open players. This holiday tournament, Banks was wide open for a three or a stop and pop. Hartley looked right at her, then went somewhere else with the ball. Lack of trust and/or insecurity about playing time being taken away. You see it your way, I see it mine.

  2. rich says:

    Keleena effectively encouraged Stewart to join her at UConn before she became a Husky – – nice try at seeking to stir up trouble, UNC Soccer #1 Fan

  3. UNC Women's Soccer #1 Fan says:

    Kaleena was definitely not attempting to hide her dislike of playing the second fiddle to Stewart during her Marist post game interview on SNY.

    As a fan, I am thrilled that so far this season Auriemma has played everyone meaningful minutes except Buck. Sure beats the no bench during Maya’s senior season and last year’s short bench.

    We will know who Auriemma really trusts when UConn plays Maryland, Stanford, Notre Dame, Baylor, etc.

    Stanford will kill UConn on the boards. If Marist could give UConn fits in the paint, imagine what Stanford will do. And with the usual help of the left coast refs, Stanford defeats UConn by 10+.