Mosqueda-Lewis Back In The Lineup After Suffering Concussion

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis has practiced for the last three days and will be back in the starting lineup Monday when the Huskies host No. 11 Maryland at the XL Center in the Jimmy V Classic.

Mosqueda-Lewis initially did not know exactly how she sustained a concussion with 2:08 remaining in a win over No. 14 Purdue Nov. 24 at the Paradise Jam. She just knew that her head and neck hurt. It was not until she watched film of the game days later that she truly learned what had happened.

“At first everything around was really blurry, the noises were very loud, the lights hurt my eyes and I felt kind of out of it,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “As soon as (team athletic trainer) Rosie (Ragle) turned me over and I was sitting on the bench trying to watch the game, you could tell something is off and you don’t feel right. So then Rosie took me back and I was trying to remember stuff like a list of words and I just couldn’t remember them. You feel weird.’’

Mosqueda was given balance and memory tests following the incident. Needless to say, she did not pass them. Simply saying the months of the year was an extremely difficult task.

“That was a bad one,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “That wasn’t good at all. It was bad. I forgot August, and then I reversed June and July and then I think I forgot April or something. I was like, `This is not good.’’’

Mosqueda-Lewis said that this was the third concussion of her career. She suffered one at practice last year and one this summer.

“This one was probably the worst one that I’ve had and then the one this summer was pretty bad,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “I’m not so much worried about it. It seems more that like Rosie’s worried about it. I’m letting Rosie worry about this because unless I’m breaking something and I can’t play for a really long time then I’m not worried.’’

Prior to being cleared to play Friday, Mosqueda-Lewis had to fill out a symptoms sheet daily.

“You fill it out 0 to 6, 0 feeling nothing at all,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “And depending on how many points you get is really dependent on how much you can work out and how much you can do. The first one that I got the next day was like 22.’’

Mosqueda-Lewis said that she registered a 0 on Friday. There were no setbacks this weekend.

“Kaleena looks great,’’ UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. “I think a couple days off and the fact that it wasn’t one of those really, really crushing shots to her head, that it was kind of like a glancing blow it wasn’t, luckily, as serious as it could’ve been. So she’s back. She was off all week up until Friday. So she’s been good.’’