Faris Takes Responsibility For Loss To Notre Dame

Kelly Faris stepped up again today in the wake of UConn’s 73-72 loss to Notre Dame. After all, what would you expect from the Huskies’ senior leader.

Faris was not at all pleased with her defensive performance against Kayla McBride, who scored a career-high 21 points to lead the Irish. And she made sure everyone within earshot knew exactly how she felt about it.

“Personally, I take responsibility for this game,’’ Faris said. “I don’t just say that because it sounds like I should say that. As a leader on the team I’m supposed to set the tone. And, defensively, I didn’t do that. And I think that’s usually what’s expected of me, and McBride got any shot she wanted and she hit almost every single one of them. It started from the beginning. I didn’t set the tone and it kind of went from there. We made too many turnovers. We didn’t get rebounds. They out-toughed us. The second half we came out stronger, but it was too late. We can’t hold off a whole half and think that we’re going to come back and just blow the out in the second half.

“We had that issue last year when we came in and different teams and they decided the way to beat us was just to punch us, punch us, punch us. And there’s been a few games this year that we’ve done fine with it and it hasn’t been a problem. And then there was a few games that we let it get to us a little bit. So this is definitely a wake-up call for everybody, and myself included. We knew that was their gameplan. We knew what they were going to do. We’ve played them a thousand times. But from the top down, the upperclassmen to the freshmen, overall we didn’t get done what we needed to get done.’’

When told about Faris’ comments, UConn coach Geno Auriemma has this to say …

“That’s how Kelly is,’’ Auriemma said. “She takes every little thing personally. She feels responsible for everything that happens on our team. There’s only so much that one person can do. We needed … Stefanie (Dolson) played great. Kaleena Lewis played well even though she sat out a lot in those 10 minutes in the first half (with two fouls). So between Kelly and Stefanie, Kaleena … I thought Bria (Hartley) struggled a lot. And (Breanna Stewart) struggled a lot. The other guys may or may not be ready for a game like this. I don’t know. But I think Kelly looks at all that, the big picture, if I’d have done more we would’ve won. That’s just how Kelly is.’’


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6 Responses

  1. TVD says:

    Geno is past his prime

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK here goes…I thought Uconn had their best team in years before Saturday’s terrible home loss to Notre Dame. But after watching them play against a well coached team, I believe they have serious flaws. Let’s see if their HOF slick Head Coach can get them out of this….

  3. keith says:

    Wow- there are some winners out there. Faris has started in 3 final fours and may have come off the bench in her first and fourth final four. She is not an offensive liability anymore. And we are writing off our freshman already. We beat n dame the next two games we play them. Maybe three times. Yesterday was a great game- but an anomoly – they are really really good- we will dominate the next games. ND plays like we Do. Tuck and Jefferson will b come great players. Tuck will b knocking down threes and taking them off dribble as well. Quick for a big- she has been out and hurt for a month.

  4. McBride BE POY says:

    Faris has a lot of nerve calling out anyone. Faris was an offensive liability to UConn her first 2 seasons. Teams dared her to shoot.

  5. UConn Husky Fan (UHF) says:

    It’s not rocket science.

    Every year, CT media and UConn fans buy into the ridiculous over hyped rankings of HoopGurlz, Peach State Basketball, Blue Star, etc.

    Be objective. Watch tapes of UConn games without sound and without prejudice. You will see the obvious.

    Doty’s box score is empty against top teams. Stop blaming her knee injuries. Doty was never going to be something special. She is a role player.

    Tuck is the most overrated big in UConn history. Where is all this toughness that UConn fans bragged about? Where is all the talent?

    I have said it many times and I will say it again. Jefferson is an overhyped Dixon. Terrible outside shooter who gets lost amongst the trees when she drives to the hoop. She built her high school stats playing against players her own size.

    Stewart falls down because she is severely pigeon-toed, inhibiting her balance. Stewart also has foot-drop, drags one foot without contact. If the UConn trainers are not working to correct this, they should be fired.

    Even before this UConn game, the word was out that UConn hates physical play. Why is that? Really. UConn has male practice players. So why is UConn not tougher?

    Geno is a 6 or 7 player rotation coach, regardless of how many over hyped freshmen or sophomores on his team. Geno gives the press all sorts of excuses about players not earning playing time in practice. Players never get better unless they play in real games.

    Geno won 7 NC with 7 POY. There is no one on UConn capable of being in the Top 5 voting for POY this year. UConn will not play in the NC game this season.

  6. Edward Sweet says:

    If Notre Dame can draw that many fouls there must be something wrong with the officiating. I watched the game and some calls against UConn were unjustified…c’mon let them play. I think they like to gain attention by blowing their whistles. Sour grapes aside, think I would have played Banks more than the freshman. But, who is to criticize a Hall of Famer coach.