Huskies Had A Chance To Beat Notre Dame Despite Mistakes

The top-ranked Huskies were outrebounded by Notre Dame 45-44 today. They gave up 18 offensive rebounds. They shot 39.4 percent from the field (5-of-23 3-pointers) and committed 14 turnovers.

Still, UConn had a chance to end its run of futility against No. 5 Notre Dame in the final 28.9 seconds. But Breanna Stewart had a shot blocked. She then missed a jumper. And Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis front-rimmed a potential game-winning 3-pointer with six seconds left.

“We got two really good shots and we got a great shot at the end of the game,’’ UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. “But I think the way we played in the first half … I thought we did a great job coming back from not playing great, and from them playing awfully well. They made a lot of shots in the first half. But if you look at the stat sheet it’s almost like a mirror image of each other, both teams. And a play here and play there can determine the game.’’

Kelly Faris rebounded Stewart’s missed jumper with 25 seconds left. Faris fell to the ground and called time out with 21.1 seconds left before she was tied up. Auriemma drew up a final play, and he could not have wanted to set up Mosqueda-Lewis with a better look at the hoop.

“You’ve got the best 3-point shooter in the country maybe with a wide-open 3 to win it and it doesn’t go in,’’ Auriemma said. “I’d be more upset if we had the wrong guy take the wrong shot at the wrong time. But we came out of a timeout and we got the shot we wanted and it didn’t go in.’’

“It was just Kelly Faris drew in the defense and kicked it out,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “I just missed.’’

Mosqueda-Lewis, who finished with 17 points and eight rebounds, entered the game shooting 52.8 percent from 3-point range. She had been 2-of-4 before the final attempt.

“She’s the one we want the ball in her hands,’’ senior Kelly Faris said. “She had an open shot and unfortunately it didn’t go in and none of us were there to get the ball. It should have never come down to that point. That didn’t lose us the game. There were a lot of mistakes from tip-off to the end that lost us the game.’’

UConn had won 20 straight Big East openers dating back to a 65-60 loss at Georgetown Jan. 3, 1992.


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6 Responses

  1. TVD says:

    Geno is overrated when teams are evenly matched. Problem almost every year there are only 2 to 4 great teams. Remember the knock on Gail G? 7 straight 30 win seasons and 0 NCAA championships. Racked up those wins playing against weaker competition. She was outcoached in the big games when players were even. Geno is past his prime. CD and Marissa are doing a lousy job. Buck never amounted to anything. Stokes has the body but has no idea what to do on offense with the ball.

  2. Critov Stevens says:

    Keith, I hope you are right. I don’t like what I see from Hartley and Doty. And my UConn team passes and passes, apparently not eager to shoot, not eager to slash to the hoop. Something needs to change. That was a good game. UConn really fought to be that close. But, in case you haven’t noticed it, Skylar owns UConn & Muffet owns Geno. But I won’t stop watching. I’ll still cheer for the fighters who are working to improve. But I might have overrated the ability of our coaches. I really miss Maya, and so does Geno. Again, I hope you are right.

  3. Dr Joe says:

    U Conn does not have a go to player in crunch time that can put the ball on the floor and create. Mosqueda-Lewis is a shooter period. Hopefully Stewart will become the type of player capable of changing a close game. It is not fair to expect this yet of a freshman and she will need more strength and stamina.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Critov Stevens – WELL SAID ! ! You hit it on the nose with your analysis. You get the best NEW player in the country rated # 1 by all the outlets and the kid disappears in this game. You are at HOME and you let this Notre Dame team outhustle when you are the bigger team. Bad loss and you are so right about your no championship prediction this year. Good job.

    Let me see one of these kewl aid Uconn reporters ask Geno a tough question like they used to ask Calhoun all the time.

  5. keith says:

    Wow Critov – I agree with most of your beginning observations. We had more wide open looks at the basket than they did. They hit more of theirs. We missed 3-4 open lay ups. N Dame is real good- we will beat them at the end of the year. We are a great team as well. Writing off a season after one 1 point loss- Nat championship is Uconn / Baylor. If we are healthy including Stokes- we are the team that is built to beat Baylor- not Notre Dame- and we will have to get thru ND or Duke to do it- which we will!

  6. Critov Stevens says:

    Those teams really played hard. I enjoyed the game even though we lost. Notre Dame is better than I expected. They have horses, a great coach, good aptitude, and dedication to an attacking offense and pressure defense. I think my UConn team was outcoached, outplayed, and outprepared on this day. I love Breanna, Kaleena, Kelly, Stefanie, Brianna, & Moriah, and think they all will continue to improve. However, our offensive scheme seems to be quietly predictable and attackable. No championship this year.