Faris, Hartley Spent Time Working On Their Defense Today

Like Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis shooting at least 200 3-pointers today at Gampel Pavilion, Kelly Faris and Bria Hartley also got some work in in areas they believe need improvement. Defense.

Faris was torched by Kayla McBride for a career-high 21 points Saturday. So she spent time defending 6-foot-3 practice player Kevin Demile today, a strong athletic combo-guard, for about 30 to 35 minutes.

“I figure out what I struggled with in the game, and that’s what I worked on,’’ Faris said. “So I put up a few shots, but I thought about it and I was like, `That’s not really what killed me in the game.’ Yeah, I missed shots, but what killed us was their scoring. And McBride killed me. So I had a practice guy come out and try to simulate what McBride was doing. I tried to play different ways and figure out different ways I needed to defend her, some fullcourt, some halfcourt.’’

Hartley spent some time defending Mosqueda-Lewis.

“She’s one of the toughest people to guard,’’ Hartley said. “So I tried to get out there and stop her. She probably scored on me a lot, but it’s just getting out there and working on that stuff. So I figured if I can guard her I should be able to guard anyone in the country.

“You see Kelly, she took a lot of the responsibility from that game and you see her out there and she’s working on defense and working on being a better defender and she’s probably the best defender that we have. So you see someone like that doing that and I think that kind of motivates me. It’s kind of like an inspiration to me to be like Kelly and get out there and improve on stuff.’’