Faris Not Happy With Her Recent Problem With Turnovers

Kelly Faris is an individual who strives for perfection each time she steps on the court. Settling for anything less is just not acceptable. So you can imagine how disturbed she is with her recent struggle with turnovers.

Faris led the nation with a 4.91 assist-to-turnover ratio through the first 13 games this season, producing 54 assists and 11 turnovers in 370 minutes. Entering tonight’s game against Villanova at the XL Center, she finds herself ranked seventh at 2.59.

Natalie Knight of Kansas was first at 4.15 (54 assists, 13 turnovers).

“I’m playing too fast,’’ Faris said. “And it happened again in practice (Monday). There’s times that I pre-determine what I’m going to do, and that’s been a habit that I’ve really had to break this year. Just stupid mistakes and just the result of playing too fast.’’

Faris has compiled a 1.38 assist-to-turnover ratio over the last six games, with 29 assists and 21 turnovers in 177 minutes. She has had at least three turnovers in four games during this stretch, including each of the last two games, and she matched her career-high with seven turnovers against Louisville Jan. 15.

“I get to the point where I want to do so much, and that’s how I’ve always been,’’ Faris said. “So it’s got to be one of those things that I sit there and consciously think about, `OK, just relax. Slow down.’ I do best when I’m not trying to fix everything, and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep myself from doing that. So I’ve got to slow it down a step.

“It’s just mental stuff. I basically just hand them the ball. Trying to make the extra pass that isn’t there, trying to create something that isn’t there. Those are things that I have to get away from.’’