Night Ends For Mosqueda-Lewis Without Use Of Either Contact

Sophomore Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis produced yet another standout performance in tonight’s 76-43 win over Villanova. She finished with 19 points (5-of-6 3-pointers), four rebounds and five assists in 24 minutes.

It was the fifth time this season that Mosqueda-Lewis has made at least five 3-pointers in a game. She has also scored at least 19 points in four of the last six games (18.2).

And something that might have been missed, Mosqueda-Lewis first got poked in the right eye and then threw her contact lens out of bounds with 9:09 left in the game. She would play on before taking the left lens out during a media timeout with 7:53 left.

“I just got hit in the eye and I felt my contact coming out,’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “It was on the side of my face. I just wiped it off and then it’s a lot harder to see with one contact than one. So I just took the left one out and played the rest of the game with no contact in.’’

Mosqueda-Lewis played 58 seconds without the use of either contact lens until leaving the game for good. She said that also she played without a contact lens twice last season.

“I can’t see very much’’ Mosqueda-Lewis said. “I can see objects. I can’t see faces. I can see the color of people’s jerseys and I can see the orange of the rims. So that’s all I need to see.’’

Caroline Doty was bothered by knee, back and ankle issues and played just 15 minutes. She had three points, three rebounds and three assists.