Huskies Have Reached 20 Wins For 20th Straight Year

The Huskies have won seven national championships. They reached the Final Four in an NCAA record-tying five straight seasons and 13 times overall. They have also won at least 30 games in seven straight seasons and in 17 of the last 19 overall.

In considering all of this success, it is easy to overlook some of the more minor accomplishments. With Saturday’s 71-65 win at St. John’s, UConn has won 20 games in 20 straight seasons.

The Huskies have played at least 33 games since the start of the 1993-94 season when the streak began. So winning 20 games has lost some of its appeal. However, junior All-American Bria Hartley took some time to put this streak into perspective.

“I think it’s a tremendous accomplishment,’’ Hartley said. “And then you look at Connecticut and you see how good this program has become because we look at 20 wins and don’t think that’s enough. I think we need 30 wins. Not even 30 wins. We’re looking to win a national championship. That’s our goal and if we don’t do that we failed. So I think that just says the expectations we have for ourselves and I think if you don’t set those high expectations you can’t really achieve those. So I think it’s good that the coaches strive for perfection all the time. So that keeps us motivated and keeps us working. And even if we have a good game there’s still things that we need to improve on. So I think that’s what the coaches do a good job of doing is just making us focus on the little things and that there’s always something more to improve on.’’


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  1. Joe Jamison says:

    It is a no brainer for UConn to win 20 games with Geno and company. They are paid a boat load of money to play in the Final Four. They recruit to play in the Final Four. The only way you get to the Final Four is to win at least 20 games.

    Parity is improving at the lower levels. But not enough universities take this sport as seriously as UConn. Teams like Duke and North Carolina win 20 games each season. But they have recently been spanked quite soundly by UConn.

    Parity in the Top 10 does not exist yet. Top 4 or 5 are much better than the next 6 or 5. Maybe in 2014-15 we will see a slight shift in the Top 10.

    Faris and Dolson will be gone. UConn has no center to replace Dolson. Griner and Sims will be gone. Ogwumike will be gone and she carries Stanford. EDD will be gone and she is Delaware. Diggins will be gone but ND would still have Jewell and Tanya.

    Cannot wait to see how the Fab 5 play and develop under Hatchell at UNC. Tar Heels incoming 2013 freshmen class look as good on paper as the class of Stewart, Jefferson, and Tuck.