Bruno Not Using Same-Day Travel As An Excuse For Loss

DePaul was originally scheduled to fly to Connecticut at noon Central Time Saturday. However, due to the fact that Bradley International Airport was closed due to Winter Storm Nemo, the Blue Demons were forced to fly in from Chicago this morning.

Here is the breakdown of DePaul’s travel schedule …

8:11 a.m. Central Time: DePaul left campus

9:33 a.m.: Board charter flight at O’Hare Airport

9:48 a.m.: Departed O’Hare

12:20 p.m. Eastern Time: Arrived at Bradley International Airport

1:04 p.m.: Bus arrived at Bradley International Airport; Its arrival was delayed by a tractor trailer accident

2:09 p.m.: Bus arrived at Gampel Pavilion

3:40 p.m.: Tip-off between UConn and DePaul

DePaul coach Doug Bruno refused to use this hectic travel schedule as an excuse for a 91-44 loss to UConn.

“I don’t want to minimize what our players went through, but at the same time I just saw (former UConn men’s basketball coach) Dee Rowe, and that’s what these teams did all the time, except they took buses,’’ Bruno said. “Five hours on a bus and then had to get out and play. It’s something that our athlete in today’s day and age isn’t used to, but that’s the way it goes. You just have to strap them on and play. You just can’t have excuses like that. You really can’t.

“As long as our players were going to be safe getting here, I knew we were going to do everything we could to get here. I packed Wednesday night. I was ready to go. I knew we weren’t leaving Thursday morning. We’re in the middle of finals and there’s no way we were even thinking about leaving Thursday morning. But we were working very hard Thursday morning to get out Thursday night or Friday, but we couldn’t. People don’t realize we handle snow very well in Chicago, but we did have eight inches on Thursday night. There was an ice storm on Thursday night. And planes were already in a state of disarray over what was coming out here.

“So Saturday morning was the earliest we could get out. Then we didn’t get out yesterday because the weather over here wasn’t going to let us in. The airport at Bradley didn’t open until 6 this morning. So we did what we had to do and we got here. And that’s the way it is. And that’s the way it should be. We played and it’s over and it’s a no-excuses team. Last year we got beat by the symmetrical 88-44 and we were at home. So what’s the excuse? We slept in our own beds and didn’t have to travel. So …’’