Victory In Snowball Fight Further Exemplifies Huskies’ Unity

The Huskies did not know who the other group of students were that approached them on campus last Friday. The falling snow was blinding. But when a snowball fight erupted they could not back down. Backing down from a challenge is not something this group of players does.

Junior Stefanie Dolson said that Huskies ultimately prevailed. And with no official stats to prove her wrong, who’s to argue? Right?

“It was epic. It was awesome,’’ Dolson said. “We went against some random people. We went out in the middle of the Blizzard, so we couldn’t see anyone. So we didn’t know who these people were, but we just had an intense snowball fight with them. But we won. They thought they won, but they didn’t. We definitely did.’’

This impromptu event is just another example of how tight this team is. They enjoy spending time with one another on and off the court. They like to put in the necessary work together to improve. And this bond has yielded great success this season through the first 23 games.

“They like to do kids’ things,’’ UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. “Some teams they have to spend so much time together that they look forward to not being around each other. These guys look forward to being around each other, and they find things to do that make them feel like kids. And they get a kick out of that.

“Kelly (Faris), Stef and those guys, they wanted to work out (Saturday). They wanted to practice. They were disappointed. So they enjoy practice. They enjoy working on their game. And they enjoy each other’s company. That’s the best you can say.’’