Auriemma Delivers A Message To Faris On Senior Day

Kelly Faris was about to turn and showoff her framed No. 34 jersey in front of 9,107 at Gampel Pavilion today when UConn coach Geno Auriemma leaned over and said something to her.

After Auriemma had said what he had to say, Faris smiled and gave him another hug.

“He said that he’s going to do anything and everything he can to make this end the right way,’’ Faris said. “I care about him a lot and I respect him a lot. And I know he cares about us. He cares about this group of seniors a lot. And he’s willing to just put everything into it that he can. Not even for himself. Just for this team and for us … For us to go out the right way. And I think it’s on us to give that back.’’

The Huskies have lost to Notre Dame in the NCAA national semifinals in each of the past two seasons.

“It’s been two years that we’ve sent seniors out with a bad taste in their mouth,’’ Faris said. “And it sucks to send a senior out and knowing that their last game at a program like this was a loss. And it’s not fun by any means and it carries over with you. So I have two years built up of sending people out the wrong way and ending the season on a bad note. And this is our last chance. Hopefully, we have about a month left and we have to make the most of it because sooner or later there’s not going to be another chance. And we’ve got to take advantage of it now.’’