Free Throw Situation Something To Watch In UConn-ND Games

Another meeting with Notre Dame. Another chance to monitor the free attempts made by the Irish.

This is a subject that UConn coach Geno Auriemma likes to make light of from time to time. And the numbers are fascinating.

Notre Dame was 23-of-28 from the free line in Saturday’s 92-57 win at Providence. The Friars were 7-of-11.

The Irish are 497-of-626 from the free throw line in 28 games this season. Opponents are 268-of-370. And over the last six games against UConn, Notre Dame is 98-of-134 from the free throw line. The Huskies are 61-90.

Notre Dame was 17-of-24 in its 73-72 win at Gampel Pavilion Jan.5. UConn was 11-of-14.

“Honestly, when you go into a game if you’re a smart player you kind of get a feel for it first,’’ UConn senior Kelly Faris said. “You play aggressively until the refs kind of stop you type of thing. And if they do then you know how they’re going to call the game. At the same time, you’ve got to be smart enough not to be put in a position where you are going to let the refs kind of have to make that call or not make a call. So it’s more on us to just play our game, but you’ve got to be really smart about it. That’s where we’ve talked about mentally we have to keep growing and growing as a team and as individuals.’’


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  1. alejandro joga says:

    Take the blinders off, last night as at every UCONN home game every call went Uconn’s way. Too bad the refs couldnt suit up in white and blue and play 7 vs 5. Last night the bullies got bullied it was a pleasure to watch them cry on the bench, as opposed to chucking it up on the bench when they’re beating a team by forty with 2 mins left and they’re pushing the ball up the court like if its a one point game. Take a look at the two coaches sideline demeanor, its clear that Geno is outclassed.

  2. steve says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    alright. i’ll try not to be too invictive(?). it has happened and i dare anyone to refute the following. 6/7 losses to one team over 2(or 3) years. i guess when a coach doesn’t have a rizotti, lobo and walters(and more), bird(and a host of others), taurasi(and not much else for 2 years), or a maya moore(and charles and montgomery, et. al.)*, it becomes much easier to see what a coach does with almost the best players at a number of positions. we have had better players than n.d. the last few years, pretty equal maybe, and we’re 1-6, incl.
    2 l’s in b.e. title games and 2 l’s in ncaa semi-finals.

    i think i would like someone to convince me that muffet mcgraw, and a number of other coaches with far lesser players, are not better coaches than ‘the holier than thou’ geno auriemma. a bounce or foul or free throw here and there in close games is not evidence. thanks for your indulgence. it just becomes tiring after a while hearing how great the coach is. the seven nat’l. championhips? see * above.

  3. Telling it like it is says:

    Hey “Free Throws are Earned” since you are obviously a ND fan do me a favor and don’t talk until your wins just 1 Big East tournament. Until then keep your mouth MORON.

  4. Jamison says:

    I love these people. “Geno is an idiot.” “Geno doesn’t know what he’s doing.” “Geno should do this.” “Geno should do that.” It’s amazing that he can get the girls shooting at the right basket. He has spoiled UConn fans into expecting perfection every year. They should strive for it, but women’s basketball has matured and the days of teams going undefeated are going to get rarer and rarer. All you whiners, do you think Geno has forgotten how to coach all of a sudden? Or is it you think he never could coach and that seven national championships were just pure luck?

  5. geneco says:

    RE: Comment by “Free Throws”:
    You are calling out Geno as a poor coach. When were you installed in the Hall if Fame? I think I missed that. Also what is your record and how many NCAA championships do you have???? You aren’t very basketball savvy in my book.

    Threes have won many a game. Also I don’t believe that UCONN Women have committed twice as many fouls as ND. That’s referees trying to adjust the score.

  6. Keith says:

    Every time the refs bail ND out as they charge the lane- flail there arms and bodies into the defense, and instead of a charge, or no call, they go to the line every time for the easy two. Nd has become the Dallas Cowboys of the old days. We will beat them when it counts this year- by 7-8 tomorrow night. Geno is not the favorite with the NCAA and the refs – for obvious reasons!

  7. Free Throws are EARNED says:

    Keep shooting 3s and keep complaining about FTs. Geno never learns. He continues to build a perimeter team (see Chong, 8 3s today) every year and wonders why. And he’s paid that much money?