Among Other Things Against ND, Loss Of Dolson Hurt The Huskies


UConn coach Geno Auriemma looked as if he had just played 55 minutes Monday at Purcell Pavilion. He looked spent in the wake of the Huskies’ 96-87 loss to Notre Dame in triple overtime.

The 35 turnovers were a killer. When initially asked how to explain the turnovers, Auriemma fired back quickly …

“I have no idea,’’ he said. “I guess we’re not any good.’’

The fifth foul on Stefanie Dolson, who had 12 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, three blocks, three steals in 35 minutes, with 32.6 seconds left in regulation did not help the Huskies’ cause either. Official Dennis DeMayo called her for a moving screen deep in the backcourt following a steal by Morgan Tuck and UConn leading 64-63.

The call took one of the Huskies’ most dangerous offensive tools out of the game, even if Dolson did commit 11 turnovers. Auriemma was asked afterward if he was OK with her fifth foul being called 80-feet from the hoop.

“Compared to a whole bunch of other stuff that was going on there (Monday) … But we really didn’t need her to go down there and screen for anybody,’’ Auriemma said. “But she thought that was the best thing to do and it’s unfortunate that it happened. The one (foul) where the kid (Markisha Wright) choked her and she tried to pull the kid’s arm away (with 8:21 left in the first half) … Every little foul in and of itself doesn’t mean anything, but then when they add up to five it means a lot. What are you going to do?’’

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis had 26 points (8-of-16 FG) and played all 55 minutes against the Irish. But she did not score for a stretch of 15:24 in the second half when she attempted just two shots.

Caroline Doty continues to struggle mightily against Notre Dame. She was scoreless in 21 minutes (0-of-1 FG) Monday and is now scoreless in 103 minutes over the last five games against the Irish (0-of-9).


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  1. Keith says:

    there are a lot of losers out here- Dolson wasn’t getting choked. sometimes a technical foul is just the right thing. UC is the 2nd best program in womens basketball. ND can’t win a national championship though. and this year, if charlie creme is correct, UC would be with Stamford on that side of the bracket, and ND would play Baylor in the semis and lose by 20+ points, as they don’t match up with them at all. UC is the only team that can beat Baylor and still may win it all this year- despite all the Nay sayers above! Go Huskies!

  2. Dr Joe says:

    UConn lost to Notre Dame mainly because of mental errors in addition to poor foul shooting down the stretch. Shot clock violations (Doty), dribbling into double teams (Jefferson and Hartley), Not calling a time out when tied up (Doty), setting an unnecessary screen on an inbound (Dolson) and a technical foul on Geno in addition to not fouling are glaring examples of poor decisions.
    The coaching staff is just as much at fault for this loss as the players and I do not see this improving in post season play.

  3. Somethin' Ain't Right says:

    Did you ever ask yourself how certain scholarship players at the 2nd best WCBB program of all time could be on the team for 4 or 5 years and NEVER get any better? There is no way Buck received the same attention in practice by the coaching staff that regulars got. Sure seems like Buck just stood on the sidelines in practice for 5 seasons. How else do you explain that Buck will graduate with a BSN degree but has no idea what to do on offense?

    Doty’s basketball IQ is no better now than it was in HS. Neither is Hartley’s. The only injuries that affect your IQ are brain injuries. Not knee or ankle injuries.

    And all that hype about UConn’s practices being more difficult than games no longer applies. This team has mental breakdowns under adversity.

    Geno has lost more than one step in his coaching. He cannot complete sentences during interviews. He has trouble putting his thoughts together. During timeouts cameras catch him standing their befuddled and bewildered. Just hope that Geno does not end up like Pat.

  4. geneco says:

    Watching the replay of the foul on Dolson when the girl had her forearm against her throat was certainly a choking situation. No other way to call it. You may dislike Auriemma but that was choking, period. She didn’t foul out the referee fouled her out on that call. He should have to go over the game film to see his error. Maybe rjp should do that also.

  5. steve says:

    it’s funny- i left a comment on one of these uconn-nd blogs, and poof it’s gone or ‘unacceptable’. the comment was critical of ggggggggeno. i guess that’s impermissible-i guess if you want stories about uconn, you gotta kiss up. protect THE MAN.

  6. UConn's Standby Excuse = Refs says:

    coach getting a technical adds up too Geno
    get some anger management
    clearly you have issues other than referees
    like maybe you just can’t stand getting out coached by Muffet

  7. rjp says:

    It was Wright, not Braker…and she didn’t choke her.