Auriemma Participated In A Twitter Chat Today

UConn coach Geno Auriemma took part in a Twitter chat today run by The Associated Press national women’s basketball writer Doug Feinberg.

Here are some of the questions that Auriemma received and his comments …

2:33 p.m. @mikeconnolly
Geno what made up slight are you going to recount in six months after your losses this year to nd? Sucks to be you. #aphoopchat

3:02 @StephenAMager
@genoauriemma – wondering who might matchup against Baylor (other than UCONN)? Did Tara catch them asleep early in the season? #APHoopChat

3:06 @SarahSunLover21
@genoauriemma what are you working on in practice to prepare for the NCAA tournament #APHoopChat

3:13 @jimrake
#APhoopchat Any truth to the rumor that UCONN & Cal might be playing one another next year?

3:13 @afabulous50
@UConnWBB @genoauriemma #APhoopchat. Why didn’t anyone call a timeout at the end of the ND game to set a play after Stewart caught the ball?

3:16 @uconntj323
@genoauriemma is it lack of true PG, superstar or somethin else that’s leadin 2 this season’s struggles in close games vs top2? #APhoopchat

3:17 @dapine22
@genoauriemma Coaches, with conferences realigning, do you think there will be a demand to expand the NCAA tourney # of teams? #APHoopChat

3:18 @jimrake
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat u think the best defense, generally, against a motion offense with quickness is a match up zone?

3:19 @bschwartz
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat. How is B Banks doing? Hope she is in good spirits. Meet up at Cavey’s after season’s end?

3:28 @jimrake
@genoauriemma #APHoopchat Is it tough to teach, or, more specifically, to get your players to execute a good secondary break?

3:28 @FearTheLadyTerp
@genoauriemma Your all-time favorite soccer players? #APhoopchat

3:29 @FearTheLadyTerp
@genoauriemma Best Italian restaurants in the US? #APhoopchat

3:30 Pothole069
@genoauriemma #APHoopchat any plans to make the rounds to watch the top high school talent to find that diamond in the rough?

3:31 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma Hi Coach! How are you keeping the teams psyche positive for the NCAA’s after the tough BET loss? #APHoopchat #bleedblue

3:32 @starnote13
@genoauriemma Do you have the Holy Water ready for the NCAA Tournament? 😛 #APHoopChat

3:33 @Russ_Steinberg
@genoauriemma If you meet up with ND again in the tournament, do you expect your team to still have the confidence to compete? #APHoopChat

3:33 @uconncrazy
@genoauriemma How is your relationship with Pat? Did #Tennessee treat her fairly? #APHoopChat

3:34 @TiantCigar_Mike
@genoauriemma…Win another Nat’l Championship this year and I’ll provide the victory Cigars. Deal? #APHoopChat

3:35 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma So great to see Stewie get her swagger back against ND….how did the coaching staff help her through her slump? #APHoopchat

@genoauriemma what/who is the biggest factor in bringing the championship back to Storrs? #APHoopChat

3:35 @JChap123
Who’d win in one on one? Kelly or Geno? #APhoopchat

3:35 @kaylakavanagh21
@UConnWBB @genoauriemma @genoauriemma If UConn plays Notre Dame in the tournament, will there be a new strategy? #APHoopChat

3:36 @starnote13
@genoauriemma What do you feel is the biggest challenge your team faces, heading into the tournament? #APHoopChat

3:36 @alannanemo
@genoauriemma Will you be coaching long enough to break Coach Summitt’s record? #APHoopChat

3:36 @BrookeWeisbrod
@genoauriemma name a song that can get you to dance.. #APhoopchat

3:37 @Laportetraci
@genoauriemma who are u more excited about graduating – @SkyDigg4 or @Brittney4Griner?! #APhoopchat

3:37 @Coach_Kaselj
@genoauriemma Biggest change you’ve seen “X & O” wise in the last ten years? #APHoopChat

3:37 @_NajaFxCknBaby
@genoauriemma who do you believe has to step up and be a leader on your team for you guys to make it back to the final four ? #APHoopChat

Geno: @_NajaFxCknBaby Bria Hartley and Breaana Stweart #APhoopchat

3:38 @skybluecrayon
@genoauriemma In your offense, if the ball does not go through Dolson is that a problem? #APHoopChat

Geno: @skybluecrayon It can be. She is our best passer. #APHoopChat

3:38 @DishNSwish
@genoauriemma what’s a good inexpensive bottle of wine to go with an NCAA tournament victory? #APHoopChat

Geno: @DishNSwish Inexpensive or cheap? There’s a difference. #APHoopChat
@DishNSwish Never dring cheap wine. #APHoopChat

@genoauriemma how can your team eliminate some of the mistakes u make over the course of these ND games that add up at the end #APhoopchat

Geno: @NoMas3781 Mistakes are part of the game. We’ve just made too many at the wrong time. #APHoopChat
@NoMas3781 ncluding the one I made at the end of last game against Notre Dame. #APHoopChat

3:40 @MG_Stine
#APHoopChat @genoauriemma @kgzag @coachbanghart @calcoachg If you could only use one drill for a practice…what would be your go-to drill?

Geno: @MG_Stine @kgzag @coachbanghart @calcoachg 11-man break. #APHoopChat

3:42 @TaraPetrolino
@genoauriemma Favorite italian dish to cook or enjoy at home… #APHoopchat #APHoopchat

Geno: @TaraPetrolino My wife’s linguini with clams. #APHoopChat

3:43 @graywolf09
@genoauriemma what can be done about the officiating? so many games have been decided by them… not right #APHoopChat

3:43 @kgier
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat how important is it for wbb to find an end to ACL injuries? It seems like there’s a new player every week or two.

Geno: @kgier Lots of people have tried and it’s certainly way better than it used to be. #APHoopChat

3:45 @DishNSwish
.@genoauriemma better tweets, @genoauriemma or @allyauriemma ? #APHoopChat

Geno: @DishNSwish @allyauriemma // @allyauriemma by far! #APHoopChat

3:45 @Dvrrxll
@genoauriemma of your players who’ve went on to the WNBA, who’s been your favorite to watch play/Coach? #APhoopchat

Geno: @Dvrrxll That’s a hard one to answer. Probably the six that were on the Olympic Team #APHoopChat

3:48 @Dvrrxll
@genoauriemma do you think this years team has equivalency of the team of 2009 with Tina Charles and Maya Moore? #APhoopchat

Geno: @Dvrrxll Of course not. Because we don’t have Tina Charles and Maya Moore #APHoopChat

3:48 @DishNSwish
RT @genoauriemma: @DishNSwish Inexpensive or cheap? There’s a difference. #APHoopChat –> Inexpensive! You a cheap one? NEVER!

Geno: @DishNSwish So, the Geno Auriemma Cab/Merlot will be right up your alley … Coming out March 20. #APHoopChat

3:50 @DishNSwish
RT @genoauriemma: So, Geno Auriemma Cab/Merlot will be right up your alley.Coming out 3/20 #APHoopChat-> for that set up do I get a bottle?

3:50 @Dvrrxll
1-10, how impressed are you with your former players’ success so far in the WNBA? @genoauriemma #APhoopchat

3:51 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma Do you fear all the conference realignment turmoil will affect recruiting going forward? #APHoopchat

Geno: @vivalsvgs No, I don’t believe it will. We just have to worry about winning our league and we’ll be fine. #APHoopChat

3:58 @NoMas3781
@genoauriemma was morgan tuck’s limited time in the BET due to her knee? i am very happy for bre who had a break out tournament! #APhoopchat

4:00 @NoMas3781
@genoauriemma do you envision bre stewart staying in the starting lineup after her strong BET? #APhoopchat

4:00 @genoauriemma
Thanks for the questions everybody. Have a great weekend! #APHoopChat


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2 Responses

  1. Just Sayin' says:

    Auriemma has praised Faris since day one, with his she won’t have a bad game proclamation. In her first 3 seasons at UConn, 5 Faris on the court would score 20 points against Top 20 teams. This season, 5 Faris on the court would score 40 points against Top 20 teams. 5 Faris would not have won a game. On the other hand, 5 KML or 5 Stewart would score 60 to 80 and win. Point is that all the hustle Faris does is not enough. Players have to be able to score, pass, and make good decisions. As a senior, Faris has thrown some really bad pases and made some really bad decisions. As much as Auriemma throws his younger players under the bus, its shocking that he has not thrown Faris under the bus. Anyone else wonder how a senior leader makes 2 consecutive bonehead plays in the last 25 seconds against Notre Dame? Hustle is not enough.

  2. Mike McManus says:

    Not a comment Rich, but a question. Would it be illegal for the women to practice against Napier and Boatright as part of the male team that they practice against routinely? That could really help them better prepare offensively and defensively against guards who are quick and have quick hands.
    Since they’re through playing for the year, they should be available and willing to help. Ask Geno!