Auriemma Participated In A Twitter Chat Today

UConn coach Geno Auriemma took part in a Twitter chat today run by The Associated Press national women’s basketball writer Doug Feinberg.

Here are some of the questions that Auriemma received and his comments …

2:33 p.m. @mikeconnolly
Geno what made up slight are you going to recount in six months after your losses this year to nd? Sucks to be you. #aphoopchat

3:02 @StephenAMager
@genoauriemma – wondering who might matchup against Baylor (other than UCONN)? Did Tara catch them asleep early in the season? #APHoopChat

3:06 @SarahSunLover21
@genoauriemma what are you working on in practice to prepare for the NCAA tournament #APHoopChat

3:13 @jimrake
#APhoopchat Any truth to the rumor that UCONN & Cal might be playing one another next year?

3:13 @afabulous50
@UConnWBB @genoauriemma #APhoopchat. Why didn’t anyone call a timeout at the end of the ND game to set a play after Stewart caught the ball?

3:16 @uconntj323
@genoauriemma is it lack of true PG, superstar or somethin else that’s leadin 2 this season’s struggles in close games vs top2? #APhoopchat

3:17 @dapine22
@genoauriemma Coaches, with conferences realigning, do you think there will be a demand to expand the NCAA tourney # of teams? #APHoopChat

3:18 @jimrake
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat u think the best defense, generally, against a motion offense with quickness is a match up zone?

3:19 @bschwartz
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat. How is B Banks doing? Hope she is in good spirits. Meet up at Cavey’s after season’s end?

3:28 @jimrake
@genoauriemma #APHoopchat Is it tough to teach, or, more specifically, to get your players to execute a good secondary break?

3:28 @FearTheLadyTerp
@genoauriemma Your all-time favorite soccer players? #APhoopchat

3:29 @FearTheLadyTerp
@genoauriemma Best Italian restaurants in the US? #APhoopchat

3:30 Pothole069
@genoauriemma #APHoopchat any plans to make the rounds to watch the top high school talent to find that diamond in the rough?

3:31 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma Hi Coach! How are you keeping the teams psyche positive for the NCAA’s after the tough BET loss? #APHoopchat #bleedblue

3:32 @starnote13
@genoauriemma Do you have the Holy Water ready for the NCAA Tournament? 😛 #APHoopChat

3:33 @Russ_Steinberg
@genoauriemma If you meet up with ND again in the tournament, do you expect your team to still have the confidence to compete? #APHoopChat

3:33 @uconncrazy
@genoauriemma How is your relationship with Pat? Did #Tennessee treat her fairly? #APHoopChat

3:34 @TiantCigar_Mike
@genoauriemma…Win another Nat’l Championship this year and I’ll provide the victory Cigars. Deal? #APHoopChat

3:35 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma So great to see Stewie get her swagger back against ND….how did the coaching staff help her through her slump? #APHoopchat

@genoauriemma what/who is the biggest factor in bringing the championship back to Storrs? #APHoopChat

3:35 @JChap123
Who’d win in one on one? Kelly or Geno? #APhoopchat

3:35 @kaylakavanagh21
@UConnWBB @genoauriemma @genoauriemma If UConn plays Notre Dame in the tournament, will there be a new strategy? #APHoopChat

3:36 @starnote13
@genoauriemma What do you feel is the biggest challenge your team faces, heading into the tournament? #APHoopChat

3:36 @alannanemo
@genoauriemma Will you be coaching long enough to break Coach Summitt’s record? #APHoopChat

3:36 @BrookeWeisbrod
@genoauriemma name a song that can get you to dance.. #APhoopchat

3:37 @Laportetraci
@genoauriemma who are u more excited about graduating – @SkyDigg4 or @Brittney4Griner?! #APhoopchat

3:37 @Coach_Kaselj
@genoauriemma Biggest change you’ve seen “X & O” wise in the last ten years? #APHoopChat

3:37 @_NajaFxCknBaby
@genoauriemma who do you believe has to step up and be a leader on your team for you guys to make it back to the final four ? #APHoopChat

Geno: @_NajaFxCknBaby Bria Hartley and Breaana Stweart #APhoopchat

3:38 @skybluecrayon
@genoauriemma In your offense, if the ball does not go through Dolson is that a problem? #APHoopChat

Geno: @skybluecrayon It can be. She is our best passer. #APHoopChat

3:38 @DishNSwish
@genoauriemma what’s a good inexpensive bottle of wine to go with an NCAA tournament victory? #APHoopChat

Geno: @DishNSwish Inexpensive or cheap? There’s a difference. #APHoopChat
@DishNSwish Never dring cheap wine. #APHoopChat

@genoauriemma how can your team eliminate some of the mistakes u make over the course of these ND games that add up at the end #APhoopchat

Geno: @NoMas3781 Mistakes are part of the game. We’ve just made too many at the wrong time. #APHoopChat
@NoMas3781 ncluding the one I made at the end of last game against Notre Dame. #APHoopChat

3:40 @MG_Stine
#APHoopChat @genoauriemma @kgzag @coachbanghart @calcoachg If you could only use one drill for a practice…what would be your go-to drill?

Geno: @MG_Stine @kgzag @coachbanghart @calcoachg 11-man break. #APHoopChat

3:42 @TaraPetrolino
@genoauriemma Favorite italian dish to cook or enjoy at home… #APHoopchat #APHoopchat

Geno: @TaraPetrolino My wife’s linguini with clams. #APHoopChat

3:43 @graywolf09
@genoauriemma what can be done about the officiating? so many games have been decided by them… not right #APHoopChat

3:43 @kgier
@genoauriemma #APhoopchat how important is it for wbb to find an end to ACL injuries? It seems like there’s a new player every week or two.

Geno: @kgier Lots of people have tried and it’s certainly way better than it used to be. #APHoopChat

3:45 @DishNSwish
.@genoauriemma better tweets, @genoauriemma or @allyauriemma ? #APHoopChat

Geno: @DishNSwish @allyauriemma // @allyauriemma by far! #APHoopChat

3:45 @Dvrrxll
@genoauriemma of your players who’ve went on to the WNBA, who’s been your favorite to watch play/Coach? #APhoopchat

Geno: @Dvrrxll That’s a hard one to answer. Probably the six that were on the Olympic Team #APHoopChat

3:48 @Dvrrxll
@genoauriemma do you think this years team has equivalency of the team of 2009 with Tina Charles and Maya Moore? #APhoopchat

Geno: @Dvrrxll Of course not. Because we don’t have Tina Charles and Maya Moore #APHoopChat

3:48 @DishNSwish
RT @genoauriemma: @DishNSwish Inexpensive or cheap? There’s a difference. #APHoopChat –> Inexpensive! You a cheap one? NEVER!

Geno: @DishNSwish So, the Geno Auriemma Cab/Merlot will be right up your alley … Coming out March 20. #APHoopChat

3:50 @DishNSwish
RT @genoauriemma: So, Geno Auriemma Cab/Merlot will be right up your alley.Coming out 3/20 #APHoopChat-> for that set up do I get a bottle?

3:50 @Dvrrxll
1-10, how impressed are you with your former players’ success so far in the WNBA? @genoauriemma #APhoopchat

3:51 @vivalsvgs
@genoauriemma Do you fear all the conference realignment turmoil will affect recruiting going forward? #APHoopchat

Geno: @vivalsvgs No, I don’t believe it will. We just have to worry about winning our league and we’ll be fine. #APHoopChat

3:58 @NoMas3781
@genoauriemma was morgan tuck’s limited time in the BET due to her knee? i am very happy for bre who had a break out tournament! #APhoopchat

4:00 @NoMas3781
@genoauriemma do you envision bre stewart staying in the starting lineup after her strong BET? #APhoopchat

4:00 @genoauriemma
Thanks for the questions everybody. Have a great weekend! #APHoopChat