UConn players give ESPN their best ‘Geno’ impressions

ESPN randomly threw outtakes from it’s UConn women’s basketball interviews for lighthearted digs at their head coach’s many endearing mannerisms.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

7 Responses

  1. Somebody says:


  2. @UConn Fan – The team sent this video out long before Altavilla. But thanks for playing.

  3. UConn Fan of EDD and Skylar says:

    No hatin on no one just pointin out da fact

  4. UConn Fan of EDD and Skylar says:

    Yeah like you don’t frequent the Altavilla blog

  5. Keith says:

    Where are the Haters making coments? And if there are some ignorant Husky fans- they don’t define all of us. EDD seams like a great young women, and ended up doing the right thing for her. I hope she carries them past Kentucky- and then that’s it!

  6. geneco says:

    I love it when people are so jealous that they hate. Shows character. Good job hater.

  7. UConn Fan of EDD and Skylar says:

    UConn haters of EDD are out in full force, just like they are when Skylar comes to CT. I laugh when they ask how many NC that EDD won. They apparently forgot that Dolson, Hartley, KML, Stokes, Stewart, Jefferson, and Tuck have not won a NC. Doty, Faris, and Buck won a NC because of 2 POY in Tina and Maya. Sad haters.