Geno Addresses The End Of The Current Big East Conference

The conference formerly known as the Big East already has a new name. It has been tabbed the American Athletic Conference.

This weekend the Big East as we know it, from a basketball perspective, will end on the biggest stage. Louisville and Syracuse will vie for the men’s basketball championship at the Final Four in Atlanta. UConn, Notre Dame and Louisville will vie for the women’s basketball championship at the Final Four in New Orleans.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma provided some pointed remarks on the end of the original Big East Conference …

“We have three Big East teams in the Final Four, and we have two on the men’s side,’’ Auriemma said. “So we’ve got five of the eight Big East teams, five of the eight national championship contenders are Big East schools. So I guess the shout-out should go out to all the presidents for having the foresight to tear apart the greatest basketball conference that’s ever existed. But as basketball coaches, I’m sure Rick (Pitino of Louisville) and Jim Boeheim (of Syracuse) and Muffet (McGraw of Notre Dame) and Jeff (Walz of Louisville) and I feel we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And we wish it didn’t happen but we have no control over it. But I guess it’s a great swan song. If it’s going to end, this is a great way for it to end.’’


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3 Responses

  1. 3 Olympians Taking Time Off From WNBA says:

    Asjha, Sue, and LJ resting during the *WNBA* season, while honoring any *overseas* commitments. Seems like they are sending a message to the WNBA. Move the season or bye bye. Can’t blame them if they earn much more overseas. Wonder who the next WNBA star will be to “rest”. If it weren’t for Griner joining Phoenix, it would not surprise me to see Diana join the “rest” or “surgery then rest” WNBA stars.

  2. Sal Pace says:

    Geno has hit the nail on the head. It is a shame that the school presidents of the drop outs (excluding the C7)were thinking football in a league that was begun as a BASKETBALL
    league. I hope with all my being that UConn has the where withal to go to the first major conference that gives them a nod as the AAC will not cut it as a league especially for BBall!!!!!

  3. Mike McManus says:

    Geno has a way with words and in this case, his comments are right-on!