UConn Not Unanimous No. 1 In USA TODAY Poll

UConn finished No. 1 in the USA TODAY Sports coaches’ poll as expected. What was not expected, however, was the fact that the Huskies were not a unanimous selection in voting by 31 coaches.

UConn hammered Louisville 93-60 in the NCAA tournament final Tuesday, the largest margin of victory in the history of the final. Yet, Elon coach Charlotte Smith still voted Baylor No. 1, one spot ahead of the Huskies. Yes, the same senior-laden, defending national champion Baylor team that allowed 16 3-pointers in an 82-81 loss to Louisville in the Oklahoma City regional semifinals.

Here is what Smith told USA TODAY …

“All along, I thought Baylor was the better team,’’ Smith said. “I don’t know whether the stars aligned for them (Louisville) in the universe. But I feel that had (Baylor) gotten by Louisville, Baylor would’ve been national champions.’’


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  1. coach777b says:

    The coach of the team ranked #256, suddenly supplies her solitary insight by proclaiming Baylor as #1 team in the nation. What does the coach of the #200 Div III team think? It’s just her opinion. UCONN dominated the Tournament, dominated every team they faced. They played Baylor tight, losing at the end. Baylor, with or without Griner, could NOT beat this UCONN team. Sorry coach, dead wrong!

  2. E. Sweet says:

    Tom, must have been watching a different game. No one in the tournament could have touched UCONN’s superior team. It was a team effort. Baylor cannot boast that.

  3. Bill says:

    The Elon coach must have forgotten that UConn’s Final Four MVP freshman Breanna Stewart was in a funk and scored Zero vs. Baylor in their regular season meeting. If UConn and Baylor faced eachother in the Championship Game, I GUARANTEE a different result.

  4. Tom Wynne says:

    its the nature of these have 1 bad night and you’re out tourneys…sometimes the best team doesn’t win. If they played 10 times…Baylor women would probably beat UCONN women 7-8 out of 10.

  5. Konsumers says:

    Freedom of Speech is right, March Madness does not indicate the best team across 39 games. It indicates the NATIONAL CHAMPION. And when Geno said, “Does this happen. No.” he meant they don’t win by 30, but they still win.

    Whew, some of you people are as thick as redwoods. The fact that Baylor finished 4th in the poll should clearly indicate that most don’t agree with you. The point that you’re having a hard time grasping is that Baylor lost in the SWEET SIXTEEN!! UCONN lost a close game to them head to head and then steamrolled through the tournament. But using your logic Baylor deserves to be the #1 team. That’s pure idiocy.

  6. lary kurtz says:

    Griner showed great class in defeat. First player to be best offensive and defensive player. shout to odyssey sims. still happy UConn won it all.

  7. lary kurtz says:

    2014 roster?

  8. lary kurtz says:

    how do we look for next year?

  9. Jamison says:

    Freedom of Speech is right, March Madness does not indicate the best team across 39 games. It indicates the NATIONAL CHAMPION. And when Geno said, “Does this happen. No.” he meant they don’t win by 30, but they still win.

  10. WCC of Old says:

    Bottom line – UCONN is the National Champs, no one else is!

  11. Scott says:

    What a laugher, Elon is a small school in North Carolina and this poor, irrelevant coach’s logic is saturated with envy—-funny thing,Baylor ends up as #4 in the USA poll and so well deserved!

  12. Mike McManus says:

    It is a pretty sad rationalization. Baylor blew the game against Louisville because of their poor first half showing. Sure Louisville made 13 3-point shots but Baylor has to accept part of the responsibility for that. UCONN’s defense never let that happen so let’s give credit where it’s due. Yes, UCONN lost a close game to Baylor and three close games to ND, but Baylor lost to Stanford and Louisville, two teams that UCONN destroyed. This is not the same UCONN team that Baylor beat back in December.

  13. Bruce Mitchell says:

    Yeah, and if this happened then that would have happened etc. But it didn’t. Louisville beat Baylor when it counted and that says volumes for the quality of a team. It says everything in fact. Maybe the stars aligned for Baylor before that for them to win when they did. I would’ve been better for her to have kept her mouth closed than to have removed all doubt. Stupidest statement I’ve ever heard in sports, and that’s saying something. The rankings rate a team not an individual.

  14. James M says:

    It’s called a “Weekly Poll” and this was the final one. The weeks when Baylor didn’t lose, they were #1. This week, UConn didn’t lose. I’d be wary of sending my kid to play for a coach who can’t figure out the weekly poll of her own sport.

  15. South Park should do an episode on the Geno Gestapo says:

    What’s more embarrassing is the Geno Gestapo. The coach they worship would never publically trash talk other Americans for having their own opinions. He has class. They don’t.

  16. Konsumers says:

    And another thing for those who are trying to make sense of Charlotte Smith. If her logic had any merit she wouldn’t be standing alone.

  17. Konsumers says:

    Do we really care what the coach of Elon thinks? really now. To pick a team that lost in the sweet sixteen as #1 is embarrassing but more embarrassing is the folks who are trying to justify it…LOL

  18. Reality Logic says:

    UConn fans and media have faulty logic. It’s not mandatory to vote the winner of a 6 game tournament as the winner of an entire season. If UConn did not lose 3 times to Notre Dame and 1 time to Baylor, her vote might have been different.

  19. Freedom Of Speech says:

    UConn lost to Baylor. UConn lost 3 times to Notre Dame. March Madness is a one and done tournament. It does not indcate the best team across 39 games. Based on saying UConn is number 1, then Louisville is ranked number 2? No way. Referees screwed over Baylor giving an unfair advantage to Louisville. If referees allowed Louisville to maul Stewart and UConn lost, the state of CT would be demanding Obama pass a law. If you listened to Auriemma during post game on the ESPN set, he alluded to “if Baylor was here, does this happen? No.”

  20. Iconic Reality says:

    I’m sad for Charlotte Smith.

  21. Wally East says:

    By the way, that’s UNC-alum Charlotte Smith, who hit the buzzer-beater in 1994 to win the title for UNC over La Tech.

    That said, she’s using faulty logic.

  22. Brian S says:

    So basically she is punishing UConn because Baylor choked. Yep, that makes sense. Using her logic, couldn’t you claim the San Antonio Spurs should be national champions. I am sure if they were eligible, they would beat either UConn or Baylor.