Smith Files Retraction Days After Blasting Auriemma

Last week Randy Smith of The Chattanoogan wrote a scathing column blasting UConn coach Geno Auriemma for what he believed were arrogant remarks concerning former Tennessee coach Pat Summitt in the aftermath of the Huskies tying Tennessee with eight national championships.

The piece outraged numerous UConn fans. It also prompted Geno’s daughter, Alysa, to write a letter to Smith in defense of her father.

Smith filed a retraction Sunday

Special thanks to Jamison for bringing this to my attention.


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2 Responses

  1. Dr Joe says:

    The Randy Smith article was venomous,cheap,and filled with vitriol.The ethnic slur used and then explained away as a term Southern people use to descibe a onesided game did not fool me. As a person of Italian ethnicity I had been called that name at a very young age and never forgot how it made me feel.
    Geno’s daughter wrote the best response to this article and would suggest all fans read it. Mr Smith is the one with no class and not Geno.

  2. Floridafan says:

    As a former Nutmeger I think Randy has written a genuine apology and as a long time Husky fan I accept it.