New Uniforms Have Gone Public

UConn unveiled its new uniforms Thursday … What do you think?

All photos were taken by Steve Slade.


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4 Responses

  1. Jack White says:

    What happened to the white Husky dog that everyone knew for years in it’s various forms.Suddenly, the dog is a lot darker looking and I wonder why the color of the dog was changed. Could there be some hidden message here ? That dog has always been a white husky. Why the color change Susan Herbst? Makes me wonder what this university is all about. Also, if the university is going to court so many foreign students. lets do so. but charge them three times the tuition. Take the ‘extra’ money and fund scholarships for Connecticut kids that want to go there and who are being squeezed out by the search for cash by this greedy administrator. Me wonders where we are headed with education.

  2. Mayor McCheese says:

    What’s wrong with the old ones? I guess this is just another way to waste our tax dollars on someone’s vanity project.

    Thanks again.

  3. Joe Melfi says:

    I agree with rock85. I like the jerseys. The football helmets are awful.

  4. rock85 says:

    Well, that’s the ugliest football helmet I ever saw…….everything else looks OK.