Hartley, Mosqueda-Lewis Comment On Making U.S. WUG Team

Here are some comments from UConn All-Americans Bria Hartley and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis on being named to the U.S. World University Games Team today (courtesy of USA Basketball) …

Bria Hartley
Q: Did you think you had played well at trials?
A: “I thought I played OK. I didn’t think I played my best basketball ever. I’m just really happy that the committee picked me. I’m really excited that I was good enough to make the team.’’

Q: Were you nervous this morning?
A: “I was a little nervous. Even though I have made the team before, you don’t want to come in here thinking, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to make the team.’ You have to stay humble, but you also want to be confident, thinking you could possibly make the team. You have to come out and play basketball the way you know how to.’’

Q: What do you think the committee saw in you?
A: “I think it was versatility, because I am a combo-guard. I can play a little bit of the 1 and the 2, and I can make sure all of my teammates are involved. Also, just talking and encouraging, that’s the main thing I like to do.’’

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis
Q: Were you nervous this morning?
A: “I was a little nervous because I definitely did not shoot very well during this whole tryout, and that’s kind of my job. I tried to do a lot of other stuff, like rebounding, hustling hard on defense. Luckily, it worked.’’

Q: How does it feel to make your fourth USA Basketball Team?
A: “It’s still special; every time is special. Now it’s really cool because I will be playing with girls that I have played against in college. A lot of them, Odyssey (Sims of Baylor) and Tricia (Liston of Duke) and a lot of them I watched before I even got to college and said, `They’re really good.’ Now I get to play with them, so it’s really cool.’’