Ankle Not An Issue For Hartley With Practice Set To Begin Tuesday

Senior All-American Bria Hartley was not about to let an injured left ankle become a nagging problem again this season. She tweaked it last month during a pick-up game, and rather than trying to play through it as she did a year ago she informed team athletic trainer Rosemary Ragle that her ankle was bothering her Sept. 30.

Hartley was shut down for a number of days and was forced to miss the U.S. National Team training camp in Las Vegas Oct. 4-6 before again being able to workout Oct. 10. She said today at American Athletic Conference Media Day at Mohegan Sun Arena that the ankle is no longer an issue.

“It wasn’t bad at all,’’ Hartley said. “To me it wasn’t that bad because even before my injury last year I would tweak my ankle. Like in my freshman year I was in a boot. Sophomore year I was in a boot. So to me it becomes annoying at times, but I think I’m kind of used to it honestly.

“It’s just smarter just to stay off of it. After last year, I just want to make sure I’m 100 percent for the season, especially since it’s my senior year. It was just smarter not to go to the national team camp and just rest it.”

Hartley, who is continuing to rehab her ankle and working to strengthening it, is expected to be on the court Tuesday when the defending national champion Huskies hold their first official practice. She said that she is not worried about this injury lingering.

“Absolutely not,’’ Hartley said. “That didn’t even cross my mind. It was something minor, but I wanted to be smart about it. I was working out (last) Thursday. It’s a little sore, but that’s expected. From my knowledge, as far as what I know right now, I should be practicing.’’

Hartley earned All-AAC honorable mention honors. She is not bothered by this distinction.

“I don’t really pay attention too much to that stuff because it’s just preseason stuff,’’ Hartley said. “It’s not really based on this year I feel like. It’s based on last year and I think just go out there and kind of play basketball the way I know how to. I want to have a better season than I did individually last year. So I just go out there and prove that.’’