Jefferson/Stewart’s Preseason Ritual Is All About National Titles

Do you ever wonder what the Huskies do during their spare time? Watch movies? Go to the mall? Go out to eat? Just hang out?

Sure, I’m sure they do all of those things at some point. But there is one thing that sophomores Moriah Jefferson and Breanna Stewart do, in particular … Win the national championship in Gampel Pavilion. Over and over again, for that matter.

It is a ritual that the two share. It started last season, and since the Huskies actually won their NCAA record-tying eighth national championship last April it has continued this season.

“We were in the room just bored (last year) and we were like, `Wanna go shoot,’’’ Jefferson said. “She was like, `Yeah, let’s go shoot.’ And then we came in here and we were getting tired of just shooting the same shots. And I just starting counting down. `Stewie is in the corner. Moriah Jefferson passes it to Stewie. Stewie shoots. She scores. National championship.’ And then we’re like, `Let’s just keep doing it.’ And we just kept doing it and kept doing it and kept doing it.

“Over and over and over. `Oh, this could be the second year in a row. Does she make it? No.’ And then we go back … `But it’s overtime. It’s second overtime.’ And then you keep going until you make a shot. You should see it. We’ll be running around, jumping up and down. It’s fun. You might call us crazy, but, hey, we have fun doing it.’’’

Said Stewart: “It was funny. We would do something and then we would have all sorts of excitement, whether we threw the ball up into the air or ran to each other and jumped into each others’ arms. Then to see that we won the national championship (last April), looking back on it, it was just funny. It was like we’re just doing it for fun, and here we are we just won a national championship.’’

Jefferson and Stewart were back in Gampel Pavilion by themselves last month during the week prior to the official start of practice. Again, they won the national championship.

It’s a ritual that became a reality last season. So they are not about to quit now.

“We’re in here for maybe two hours at a time,’’ Jefferson said. “So like the first hour is strictly getting up shots. We’re like shooting, doing 5-spots. Different shots. And then after that we just have fun. Half-court shots. Throwing the ball around.’’

Said Stewart: “Not to say it’s going to make you win another national championship, but you know it’s fun to go out and just play around and act like that. If it works again, why not do it two more times and see what happens?’’