With An Assist Against BU, Auriemma Owes Pulido A Car

Not even walk-ons are safe from Geno Auriemma’s sarcasm. He has not been happy with the fact that Briana Pulido has not actively been looking to set up her teammates for scores.

Pulido had one assist in six minutes in her first two games this season. But she also does not look to pass often in practice. So Auriemma made a friendly wager with her prior to tonight’s game against Boston University.

“Polly (ticked) me off so much. (Thursday) I told her I’d buy her a car if she ever got an assist,’’ Auriemma said. “That kid refuses to pass the ball to anybody, even in practice. This kid high jumped all last year and comes out here and thinks she’s Kobe Bryant. So what did she do? She got an assist today. Now she wants a car.’’

Pulido assisted on a 3-pointer by Breanna Stewart with 2:35 left in the game.

Auriemma said that Brianna Banks would have played more than 17 minutes tonight had she not been nursing a sore foot. She got stepped on Wednesday against Oregon. And with three games in three days this weekend there was no need to overextend her playing time against the Terriers.