Auriemma Comments On Incident Involving Marcus Smart

Oklahoma State star sophomore guard Marcus Smart was suspended three games for shoving Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr in the final seconds of a loss to the Red Raiders on the road Saturday night.

Here is what UConn coach Geno Auriemma had to say about the situation …

“In general student-athletes are held to a different standard than normal people,’’ Auriemma said. “And that’s neither fair or unfair, it just is. When you get a scholarship to play basketball or football or any other sport in college it’s like all of a sudden you sign away whatever freedoms you thought you had coming to college. Now you can’t react like a normal human being. If somebody says something, you can’t react. If somebody does something, you can’t react. This kid wants to go out one night and have a great time, you can’t go with him. So all of a sudden people, especially adults, can say and do whatever the hell they want to a college kid on the floor knowing that kid has no recourse. They have to take it. And I don’t necessarily agree with that, but that’s the world and somebody pays 20 bucks to watch a college basketball game and they think that gives them the right to be an idiot. If you’re an idiot, you don’t need to pay 20 bucks to prove it. That’s my take on it. I feel bad for the kid.’’

Auriemma will be doing some traveling this week. A recruiting source said that he will be in Baltimore Tuesday to watch Class of 2015 target De’Janae Boykin, who was on hand Sunday at Gampel Pavilion, face Northwestern High. He will then be in Charlotte, N.C. Thursday to watch Class of 2014 target A’ja Wilson face Providence Day High.