Huskies Take Part In #Chillin4Charity Challenge

Breanna Stewart and Courtney Ekmark have answered the #Chillin4Charity challenge. So, too, has associate head coach Chris Dailey and assistant coaches Marisa Moseley and Shea Ralph. And you can see it right here …

Morgan Tuck has been challenged by Tennessee’s Ariel Massengale. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis has been challenged by Notre Dame star Jewell Loyd.

Getting doused by a cooler filled with ice water is not easy to endure. But when it’s to benefit the Kay Yow Foundation it’s a little easier to take.

“That was fun,’’ Ekmark said. “Me and Bre Stewart got challenged. She got challenged by someone on Cal (Courtney Range) and I got challenged by someone on Colorado (Briana Watts). And they asked us if we wanted to do it and so we were just like, `Yeah, we’ll do it. It’s for charity.

“It wasn’t that bad because we just worked out like right before that. So I was all hot anyway. It was a nice ice bath.’’

The #Chillin4Charity Cold Water Challenge was initiated by Arizona coach Niya Butts. Here are the rules:

All parties have 48 hours from the release to answer the challenge

Head Coaches
Any coach that doesn’t answer the challenge, owes the Kay Yow Foundation $250
For each coach that answers the challenge, the original challenger owes the Kay Yow Foundation $50

Assistant Coaches
Any coach that does not answer the challenge will owe the Kay Yow Foundation $100
For each coach that answers the challenge, each assistant will owe the Kay Yow Foundation $25

Any player that does not answer the challenge will owe five hours of community service
For each player that does answer the challenge, each Arizona player will owe two hours of community service

“I think it’s a way to kind of unite women’s basketball all over the country because people are calling each other out from different schools,’’ Tuck said. “Coaches are getting called out. I think it’s a really kind of fun way to do charity for a good cause.’’

It looks like UConn coach Geno Auriemma is content to donate his money rather than get dumped on. Among those that have challenged him are Doug Bruno, Tonya Cardoza and Jamelle Elliott. He has yet to accept.

“That #Chillin4Charity stuff and they keep challenging me …,’’ Auriemma said Monday at his FORE The Kids charity golf tournament in West Hartford. “I was in the pool with my grandson yesterday and that’s about as good as it’s going to get for me. This is my idea of #Chillin4Charity: Being on the cart, hitting a couple golf balls, having a margarita and raising a lot of money. That Chillin stuff … Jamelle Elliott and those other guys can do that.’’

Tuck said it is her dream to dump ice-cold water on Auriemma.

“I would enjoy it a lot,’’ Tuck said.