SHU hockey finally gets that first win

Finally! It finally happened.
The Sacred Heart men’s hockey team skated off the ice with a victory.
After 28 games without a win, the Pioneers exploded away from a 3-3 tie with four third period goals to beat Holy Cross 7-3 on Tuesday night at the Milford Ice Pavilion.
SHU is now 1-26-2.
During the losing streak (and before Tuesday night’s win), I spoke with Pioneers head coach C.J. Marottolo about staying positive.
“We’ve done a lot of different things. We’ve changed lines. We’ve changed forechecks. We’ve kind of run the gamut of trying to tweak our system to put us in the best possible position to win,” Marottolo said. “And we will get one. I think we’re all believers that whenever we get that first taste, we could be a dangerous team in the playoffs.
“Once we get a little bit of confidence, I know it can be contagious.
“No question, it’s tested all of us. You still have to be hard in them so we try to keep improving. Keeping it fun, that’s been my biggest job for me and my staff. We want the guys to come in and, no matter what our record is, to enjoy coming to the rink every day. We just have to keep coming with a positive attitude and work hard and control what we can control. That’s all we can do.”