Add George Tarasovic to the Bridgeport NFL draft list

Just got an e-mail from a Bob Ferik, who says he used to live close to George Tarasovic, who graduated from Harding High and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second round of the 1952 NFL draft. (5th pick, 18th overall)
That makes 11 Bridgeport HS athletes taken. Anyone else know of someone I’ve missed. Please e-mail me. Thanks!

Name High School Pos. Year Team Round Overall
Chet Gladchuk Harding C 1941 Pittsburgh 2 12
Frank Hubbell Central DE 1944 Cleveland 15 152
Bob Dobelstein Central OT 1945 Chicago 4 28
Walt Trojanowski Central RB 1946 Washington 6 49
Ed Bradley Harding OG 1950 Chicago 16 206

George Tarasovic Harding C/DE 1952 Pittsburgh 2 18

Tony Elliott Harding DE 1982 New Orleans 5 113
Kevin Belcher Bassick OT 1985 L.A. Raiders 7 186
Scott Leach Bassick LB 1987 New Orleans 9 234
Mike Jones Harding TE 1990 Minnesota 3 54
Trevardo Williams Central DE 2013 Houston 4 124


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