And now Bassick’s Darryl Sims …

Here’s another one added to the list. Milford’s Andrew Kennedy e-mailed with Bassick’s Darryl Sims, who played at Bassick and was a first round pick (20 th overall) of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
“How could you forget?” Andrew wrote.
Well, that’s easy. The website that I was using – – has a link for “Players Born in Connecticut” and I looked at all the ones with “Bridgeport” next to their names. Sims was born in Winston Salem, N.C., so unless I knew him (which I didn’t) I wouldn’t have known that he played at Bassick.
If there are any other players out there that you know about, please drop me an e-mail at or respond at My Two Cents and let me know.

Name High School Pos. Year Team Round Overall
Chet Gladchuk Harding C 1941 Pittsburgh 2 12
Frank Hubbell Central DE 1944 Cleveland 15 152
Bob Dobelstein Central OT 1945 Chicago 4 28
Walt Trojanowski Central RB 1946 Washington 6 49
Ed Bradley Harding OG 1950 Chicago 16 206
George Tarasovic Harding C/DE 1952 Pittsburgh 2 18
Tony Elliott Harding DE 1982 New Orleans 5 113
Darryl Sims Bassick DE 1985 Pittsburgh 1 20
Kevin Belcher Bassick OT 1985 L.A. Raiders 7 186
Scott Leach Bassick LB 1987 New Orleans 9 234
Mike Jones Harding TE 1990 Minnesota 3 54
Trevardo Williams Central DE 2013 Houston 4 124