Hooray! the tree roots are gone at the New Haven Open

Had a nice, long sit-down in tournament director Anne Worcester’s New Haven office Thursday to discuss the upcoming seating changes in the lower bowl, along with the other additions to the non-tennis portion – food court, music, etc. – for the upcoming 2013 tournament when I stumbled upon the most breaking news the New Haven Open at Yale has heard in years.
Even going back to the days when it was the Pilot Pen and yes, even before that, the Volvo International.
What news, you ask? Well, for those of us that have attended the tournament in the past, you’ll know that this has been one of the most serious issues that tournament has had to deal with. And the Connecticut Post/Hearst Connecticut Newspapers is breaking the news that thousands of tennis fans have been waiting to hear …
The tree roots are gone.
Let me repeat that.
That’s right. Those blasted tree roots that seem to have been everywhere you walked around the outer court area, have finally been chopped up and re-paved over. Remember silently swearing as you nearly tripped over one? Remember doing that “Gangham Style” dance as you tired to avoid them walking from the food court to the grandstand to see a match? Well, my tennis friends, no more of that. When you walk into the Connecticut Tennis Center from the parking lots in August, there will be nothing but smooth pavement waiting you.
This has been one of Worcester’s pet peeves for years, trying to get the tree roots removed, so someone doesn’t trip and fall and sue the pants off the tournament. And for years, all she heard from Yale University was “can’t be done.”
Then, all of a sudden, just a few days after Governor Dannel P. Malloy attended the 2012 New Haven Open and pledged his support (especially financially) Worcester heard from Yale that the root problem would be dealt with.
And it was. TWO DAYS after the tournament.
Can you believe it? Two days after Petra Kvitova held the trophy high at Center Court, workers were digging and chopping and getting rid of those stupid tree roots. Of course, it was probably because of the Yale football season getting ready to start (can’t have a Yale alum trip over a root, he might drop his donation from $1 million to just $500,000), in any event. The roots are gone.
I, for one, can’t wait to see the finished product this coming Monday at the “free lesson” for New Haven Public School children, featuring 2012 No. 1 ranked junior player, Taylor Townsend.
The tree roots are gone.
Remember, you heard it here first.