Emptying out the e-mail bag

I’m going to empty out the e-mail bag this week, staring with a couple of responses to my story on the 50th anniversary of the Stratford Little League playing for the World Championship. One of which came from a California player that played against Stratford.
“Chris… My name is Dave Sehnem and I’m from Granada Hills, CA. My friend, Pat Yerina sent me your article.
What a special time we all had in Williamsport in ’63. Life long memories, lifetime friends, just a great experience. Your article gave me great insight into those Stratford boys…..unfortunately, I never got to know any of them, but a few years ago I did have a few back and forth emails with John Slosar. After he retired from Fairfield, I lost touch. Your article brought back many of my 50 year old memories … it will tie in nicely as I’m planning on going back to Williamsport for the final 2 games. My family will be with me along with one of my teammates, Rob Vaughn. I just wanted everyone to see, feel, and touch everything I did 50 years ago. It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence and I want to share it.
Thanks for your work.
Sincerely, Dave Sehnem, ’63 GHLL
Then there was this message from Stratford team member Pete Sulzicki.
“Great freakin article … especially the stewardess part. Funny the things you remember, I can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday, but I remember the stew. Oh, I hit .345 for UD — not .245 — typos happen, but I’m gonna get killed for the 245. Thanks again.”
Apparently, Sulzicki’s memory was about 100 points off. When I contacted the University of Detroit Sports Information Director, he looked up Sulzicki’s stats. In 1972, eight games, 13 at-bats, no hits. In ’73, he played in 36 games (Detroit went 26-17) and batted .245 (24 for 98) with four homers and 24 RBIs.
“Wow. First of all, there was no SID back then and baseball was discontinued a few years ago. I’ve got to start digging. The record in 1973 was, if I am not mistaken, 46-17 – I actually had a schedule from that year here in a scrapbook or at my mom’s and she’s moved twice … bummer. 25-27 games missing … still a great article.”

Then I received this from the former mayor, who’s now the city’s Adult Education Director, John Fabrizi.
“Good morning,
I’m writing to say “thank you” for the very positive and informative piece that you wrote regarding the substantial donation by the JCC to the Bridgeport Public Schools in Saturday’s Ct Post.
As you are aware, the equipment is sorely needed and will be put to use immediately by our coaches, student athletes and others. Your story was great for all of those involved, the JCC, the school system and the City as a whole. Your piece brought out the warmth of the donation to a school system that has a number financial challenges. You never know, maybe we’ll be the beneficiaries of other donations in areas that will help strengthen the district overall.
Thanks again, John M. Fabrizi”

And then there were replies to the recent Boys Club article and the troubles the Club is battling. This from Ken Staffey.
“Hi Chris,
Thanks for the great article on the Boys Club. I’ve often wondered what happened to the North end location near my house. We need more stories like that. And I loved Len Paoletta’s candor.
Great job”
And this from John Barbuschak,
“Read your story in the Post. Very interesting and I do hope it remains open. I used to frequently spend time at the Club when we lived on Berkshire Ave. in the last ‘30s. In fact, Robert Mitchum was a frequenter of the Orcutt Boys Club when he lived on Logan Street during this time. He was a good ping pong player. Again, hope the Club stays open.”
And this from Gene Karpinski,
Hi Chris,
In my mind, as a part-time sports journalist of a long defunct weekly newspaper, I have come to admire and respect your many years of work at the CT. Post, covering all fields and levels of play. Having said that, I was deeply disappointed in your recent story on the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Bridgeport.
So much was devoted to so-called ‘community leaders’ casting an unfavorable eye on its Executive Director, Ken Bruno, and indirectly citing him as the cause of its financial demise, to which you seemed to agree. No one other than K. Bruno could have the Club survive over the past twenty years. His dedication is caring for the underprivileged of the City of Bridgeport and carrying on the traditions of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Bridgeport.
Keep on writing those e-mails! Always interested in hearing what you have to say, good and bad.