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: September, 2009

The No Self Esteem Generation

We need to make a change with our generation before this continues and women end up back on the bottom of the totem pole like we started.
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Going back in time : Twilight Sleep

“Wow, I can’t believe we let doctors and hospitals do that to us”

Fairfield County Maternity Care Failing

These are some huge numbers. In the majority of these hospitals, with the exception of Danbury hospital, 1 in ever 3 women that go into the hospital to give birth, will be subject to major surgery. Whether it is necessary or not.

Bucking the Trend

Now, if someone told you all the facts would you choose all of the above for convenience or simply because Dr. Slice doesn’t “do” VBAC?
Or would you flip him the bird and go else where?
Lets compare…
You want to purchase a 2009 Mazda 5 in Black.
“Well we only offer the 2009 Mazda 3 in black here, so you can have that instead”

How to choose a Doctor or Midwife

Today, many mothers find a Doctor or Midwife for their pregnancy care through friends or word of mouth, and often enough women end up with negative feelings towards this provider, but continue under their care because of the trouble of changing providers during the middle of a pregnancy.

Family Fund Day This Weekend!

For more information about the Family Fund Day, click on the link!
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Home Birth in Connecticut

When a woman starts to consider having a home birth, attended by a Midwife, one of the first things to do is sit down and talk with a Midwife that does deal in home births and discuss if they are a good candidate for birthing at home. Normally women who are healthy, low risk, with no complications in their pregnancy, or as Nancy described to me

Legal Rights of Pregnant Women

Today, people who understand these rights as patients are more likely to successfully negotiate the health care system, use health insurance and managed care plans, and work with physicians and other health care professionals. Most important, a just health care system requires respect for the rights of patients. (Taken from the Patient Rights Program, Health Law Department of the Boston University School of Public Health)

This weekend’s Connecticut Happening’s

What a great weekend for families here in Connecticut!

Journey to a VBAC

Today with the high number of women having cesarean sections, there is a need for education about VBAC, better known as Vaginal Birth after Cesarean section. But the problem is, as most women enter the hospital to give birth after having a cesarean section they are not only fed much incorrect, inaccurate, and biased information, but they are also put against very rough odds in order to actually achieve a VBAC with rules and policies inside the hospitals.
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