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: November, 2009

Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving

Remember that tonight, on the biggest drinking nights of the year. There are people out and about with their families and children traveling to their destinations for their Holiday tomorrow. If you
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Teaching our Teens driving safety

It seems as though there is an epidemic of teens losing their lives needlessly recently in motor vehicle accidents. The last one this past weekend in Shelton, in which my husbands fire department
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Cesarean Section Not Best Option for Breech

There has been a lot of talk in Canada about breech babies being automatically delivered via cesarean section as they are currently in Canada and The United States, when a new study shows breech
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Personal animosity overshadowing public safety?

My hope for 2010 is that in Shelton, the run for Mayor by a fireman does not cloud the judgment of our current Mayor and put the safety of our public in danger because of a possible personal vendetta.

United States scores D on preterm birth report card

Connecticut, among the states with a premature delivery rate of over 10%. Many will go on to say it is because in Connecticut we have two major fertility labs, one affiliated with the UCONN medical center, and the other at Yale, and the increased amount of multiples is a risk factor in these numbers, but not according to this report. While further looking into Connecticut’s”report card” from this study, I noticed that while we may not score a D on the overall report card, a C is not much better.

Connecticut’s Only Free standing Birth Center

Most women are not aware that here in Connecticut we have a free standing birth center that is not inside, or part of a local hospital. The Connecticut Childbirth & Women’s Center is located in

Consumer Reports At It Again

Also remember, your provider, or a provider you may be interviewing as a possible care provider does have these numbers, and does keep track of these numbers annually, not only for their practice, reporting to the department of heath, but also for insurance purposes including medical malpractice insurance. If a provider tells you they do not know their numbers, or do not keep track of it, that is a clear red flag.

Helping Mothers Post Cesarean

Not all mothers who have c-sections will feel this way, and many may even enjoy their experiences, but this should not discount the hurt that others may feel, and the same should go for any birth including a vaginal birth. Cesarean sections are amazing and lifesaving procedures when used appropriately and correctly, but at the increased numbers we are seeing today, some may be very unnecessary. A woman’s feelings regarding her birth should be respected, not put down.
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The Doula Backlash

I always recommend birth classes in a out of hospital setting. It is so important to become educated before you step foot into the hospital to give birth!
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The CDC Releases New Report Comparing US to Europe in Infant Mortality

I was shocked, and a bit floored yesterday when I stumbled upon a new report released by the CDC regarding the infant mortality in The United States.
I first came across the article on Birth Activist another publication I have been writing for in recent weeks, and then after they had already broke then news, the AP (Associated Press) released the same story.