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: January, 2010

No need for women to fast during labor

For a very long time, women have been encouraged not to eat while in labor, and once under hospital car, denied food until after the birth of their child and this became standard practice virtually
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Join Local Professional’s Today

Come and join local birth professionals today to discuss the rising c-section rate in the state of Connecticut. ICAN of Connecticut, along with Midwives, Pediatricians, Chiropractors, and others to

Why I Hate TV

I normally don’t get on about how much I hate these medical shows on TV, but last night really set me off. I was watching Private Practice, which comes on at 10pm on the ABC network, and the show was

Why Choose a Midwife?

Since the amount of women who actively choose a midwife for their care has drastically dropped over the last century, I thought I would show a great, and informative video today on why women should

Interviewing Pre Natal Care Providers

Something we are seeing more and more is pregnant women blindly choosing health care providers, and in turn complaining about them for the duration of their pregnancy, or having a negative experience

Car Seat Safety & Connecticut State Laws!

Since becoming a parent, I have noticed there is a large population of Connecticut Parents that are not familiar with the laws in the state regarding car seat safety, as well as one pediatrician that
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Birth Organization of the Week

I decided to do something new for my blog weekly for the next couple weeks. I am going to do a featured post called “Birth Organization of the Week” and feature a helpful, and amazing birth related

Does Cry It Out Lead to Brain Damage?

A new study suggests that it very well might! For years it seems like the popularity of cry it out has been increasing but mainly for one reason. It is easier and clearly more convenient to many
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What Do I Really Need (for a baby) Part 3

As previously promised, part 3 in the What Do I Really Need series? Though I wanted Part 3 to be the end, it looks like from this ridiculously long list from Babies R Us, there will be a part 4! If
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Healthy Snacks : Mom & Kids Can Enjoy!

If you are anything like me, you find it hard to find time for yourself during the day, and may skip meals or eat way later than you really should because of course the kids come first. Then there are
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