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What Do I Really Need (for a baby) Part 3


As previously promised, part 3 in the What Do I Really Need series?
Though I wanted Part 3 to be the end, it looks like from this ridiculously long list from Babies R Us, there will be a part 4!

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Part 2 left off at a splat mat, which I didn’t even know what it was till I took a look at the Babies R Us “Must Have” quick registry starter. Which has been the guide I have used in the what do I really need series?
So lets get started on Part 3!

Bathtub and Seat – I love the bathtub that we have, which we were able to use until my toddler was old enough to sit up himself in the tub safely, so we completely cut out the baby seat in the tub. The seat that I highly suggest from infant up is, This one. Super easy to use, lasts longer than most, and it folds up small for easy storage, unlike those huge plastic tubs.
Washcloths – You will need a ton of baby washcloths. I swear our dryer eats them. We started out with 3 packs of 8, and I think now that my oldest is 2, we have 3 of them left. Though I have started just using normal washcloths you can get at Walmart for $5.99 for a whole pack of 12. But when they are new babies, I suggest the for baby washcloths.
Hooded Bath Towels – Worth the money completely!! We still use them for our toddler, and of course our youngest. But I have noticed like the washcloths, they seem to disappear. I think our dryer gnomes eat them. But they are completely worth the money, especially for bath time in the colder months!
Bath Robe – Worthless! We got 3 of them for my oldest which we insisted that we would use. Never used one of them. We still have them hanging up in the boys closet, tags on them, expecting to use them with our second child. See how that worked out?  Save the money, because they aren’t cheap!
Shampoo & Body Wash – I highly suggest all natural products such as California Baby. There have been recall’s and many traces of chemicals found in most of the popular everyday shampoo and body washes for babies. I always go with better safe than sorry. This is an item that you clearly need on almost a daily basis, so why not make sure it is something really safe for your children to use. Also one of the benefits of using an all natural soap is if your little one is like my kids, and has sensitive skin, it is very rare for them to have some kind of an allergic reaction to the soap.
Baby Lotion – I stand by what I said about the soaps, stick with something all natural. We don’t use lotion on our kids often, but many people do. My oldest has very sensitive skin, and had a reaction to several different lotions we tried on him before going to the all natural stuff.
Bath Accessories – Now for me, when it came to bath time, I wasn’t about making it a huge project so we skipped on the toys until around a year old. The only real “accessory” I used was the little ducky with the temperature check on the bottom to see if the water was too hot for the baby. I tend to take VERY hot bathes and showers, so I always wanted to make sure it was not too hot for my little guys.
Step Stool – Like most other things, this is not something your little one is going to need for a while. My oldest is 2 now and still not in need of this in the bathroom. Skip it on the baby registry and wait till they actually need it. This will also help to save yourself from having baby stuff take your house over.
Potty Seat – Another thing that you are not going to need for a while. Save yourself the time, space, and wait to buy it till your child really needs it. We bought ours when our son was about 18 months old, and we also purchased two, so they could be in different areas of the house. But if you are a first time parent, don’t worry about this one for a while. Same goes with a travel potty seat.
Baby Grooming Kit – Skip buying all the things individually and buy the all in one kits. Some of the things you will use, some you will not. What I find most handy are the nail clippers, brushes (because my kids have a ton of hair) and the tooth brushes that come with them.
Digital Thermometer – Does anyone really use the old school ones without a digital read out anymore?  We always need a thermometer, because who knows when our little one will get sick, or when we will freak out and think they are sick, when in reality they are fine.
Ear Thermometer – I found that if you have a digital thermometer, you really do not need to think about an ear one until your children are really rounding 2 years old. It seems like a premature buy for a new baby as they say only to use rectal temperatures with them for the time being.

I am going to stop here for the day, before again, the post gets way too long that people don’t read.
What do you think about this list?
As a mother, leave your comments on what items here were helpful and not so useful for you!

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  2. naomi says:

    Bath robe…worthless! Agreed! As soon as they are toweled off, you put clothes on them. They are not lounging around the house reading the newspaper.
    I also LOVE CA Baby products. They are pricy so worth putting on your registry so that others pay for them…and stock up, I’m sure they will keep for a while!

    We have one simple (no talking parts or special fancy stuff) baby toliet. It is a baby bjorn potty (hate their carriers, love their potty!)that we got at a multiplies club yard sale (you know the families that have twins and triplets and have SOOO much stuff). It was barley used and very easy to clean. It is really worth it to think openly about some used things that you will need for only a short time. Spend (or have family spend) money on things that will be used for a long period of time or are special and unusual to your family. It also is enviromentaly sound!