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Birth Organization of the Week

I decided to do something new for my blog weekly for the next couple weeks.
I am going to do a featured post called “Birth Organization of the Week” and feature a helpful, and amazing birth related organization that not too many people know about. I think it will make a difference in some of my readers, and help to educate local women more about natural birth, or support for birth.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I am going to enjoy writing about each organization.

To start, I am going to begin with the birth organization that is nearest and dearest to my own heart, and has helped me through the past couple years, through the recovery from my first birth, to the journey of pregnancy and birth for my second child.

ICAN better known as The International Cesarean Awareness Network.
ICAN is is a vibrant and growing network of mother-to-mother volunteers, passionate advocates and women who care deeply about the state of birth today, as expressed on their website, but to me they are a education group, support system, and sisterhood. There are chapters featured all over the world. Yes, WORLD!  ICAN is in several different countries. And we currently have one chapter right here in Connecticut!

As a chapter leader for ICAN, I donated my time, and talents to make this video below for ICAN. I was honored to be able to put it together to help women understand further, what ICAN is and how we help women all over the World.

The music in the video is by local musician, Rob Taylor.

Danielle Elwood

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  2. Amy Kiel says:

    I am happy to learn of your series about different birth organizations. I look forward to learning more about ICAN and the organizations you highlight in the future. As a community leader for the Pregnancy group on WEGO Health ( I look forward to sharing your blog and resources there. I would love to invite you to check us out and feel free to participate!