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What Do I Really Need For a Baby (Part 4)

I was hoping that this wouldn’t exceed 4 or 5 posts for the list, but gosh!  There are just so many baby products out there that some think are “must have’s” that this is turning into the series that never ended!  I almost hear the never ending song in the back of my head as I type this.

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So when we last left off from the Babies R Us registry list of must have’s for your baby, we were at an ear thermometer.
Now we will move on…

Baby Mittens
– We used these with our first because he constantly scratched himself, but instead of actually using the real mittens they sell, we used all those cute little baby socks you get that are impossible to keep on your babies feet!  We also opted for the long sleeve under shirts that had the fold over at the end to help cover the babies hands. For our second child, we never covered his hands. I guess it all comes down to your baby. But save the money on the actual mittens, and just use the useless socks. LOL
Gas Relief Drops – Ok, While some people need them, they made my oldests life HELL!  He was a gassy baby, but when we started using the drops, he became a backed up baby who wouldn’t poop. He would get so backed up, he would become extremely upset, and cranky when it finally was time for him to poop, which mind you turned into a once a week thing, and boy what an explosion that turned out to be! I would skip them if at all possible. Sometimes you have to pick and choose which issue you would rather deal with!
Teethers – Heaven Sent!  Both of our kids LOVED these not only as toys, but they became so helpful when it came time for teeth!  Our youngest has been teething for almost 4 months and only has one little tooth. I highly recommend them!
Pacifiers : For some, they are heaven sent, and some choose not to use them. For us, it is something we have used with both of our children. Our oldest has been a pacifier kid in and out, and I joke with my husband that he is going to take the damn thing to college with him. Our youngest, doesn’t really care for it too much. If you are breastfeeding, put off the use of a pacifier for at least 4-6 weeks to help reduce the change of nipple confusion.
Diapers : Well it is obvious we all need to use some type of a diaper, but there are so many different types of diapers. Our family has tried most from Huggies, Pampers, and Luv’s for disposables, then cloth diapers, but the one thing we never got around to were the G diapers, cloth diapers with flush-able inserts. For our family, after trying out so many, we have become dedicated consumers of Pampers. From the swaddlers, to the cruisers, we have never had a leak, issue, or complaint with them.  I highly suggest that everyone tries to cloth diaper at least for a short period of time. Some may like it, some may not, but at least you took the time to find out!
Baby Wipes : Again it goes back to your preference. You are going to need them but you can use cloth wipes, wash cloths, disposable, etc. We have had a lot of success with Wash cloths and Huggies Sensitive wipes because our little guys have sensitive skin.
Diaper Pail/Refills : This is where a lot of confusion tends to come in. For our oldest we had a diaper genie, which I LOVED! My husband, not so much. He was always complaining about the refills, empting the thing, and anything else he could complain about. I on the other hand think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. We have since turned to using a small pail with a garbage can. I hate it. It smells, needs to be changed more often, and over all just sucks. I say go with the diaper genie…
Wipe Warmer : USELESS!  Do not waste the money!
Diaper Bags : I do not think there is a need for more than one diaper bag, but some disagree. We used one larger one, but then again we never packed more than what we really needed. We did not bring the kitchen sink with us when we went out for a day, and if we were going out for a long day, or over night, we just packed an additional bag with the extra things we would need. Don’t get a giant diaper bag, they are bulky, heavy, and will take a toll on you!
Baby Changing Mat : I think these are essential. One came with our diaper bag, so in most cases, you do not need to purchase an extra one. They are helpful when you go out to the mall, or out to dinner with your little one. You never know what has gotten on those changing tables in public!
Diaper Cream : I highly suggest Butt Paste. We recently started using it after using Desitin for our kids and it is so much better, clears any rash’s up much quicker also.
Formula : This is hit or miss. I highly suggest everyone try to breast feed before turning to formula. Not only does it add the added stress of bottles, cleaning, nipples, bottle racks, and making bottles when you are out, or have a screaming child, but breast milk is also best for baby according to every major medical organization, as well as the formula companies.
Travel Wipes : A total must have. Obviously you and your baby are not going to be prisoners in your own home, and will be going out at one point in time. They sell several re-usable travel containers that you can repeatedly re-use and just refill with your own wipes.

Well, before this gets too long, I am going to stop here.
Next time, tune in for monitors, cribs, and nursery furniture!

Danielle Elwood

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  1. Jackie says:

    I found that has a really nice checklist that will recommend products for you after you tell them which things on the list you want and don’t want.