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Birth Organization of the Week!

Continuing the Birth Organization of the Week, we are going to highlight DONA this week. Also known as Doulas of North America.

DONA is an International organization of Doulas, they provide membership, educational resources, and training to women across the world who are interested in supporting women in a labor environment. Started in 1992, they have been dedicated to serving women for nearly two full decades, and have built a name in the birth community for education and exceptional birth professionals.

Part of DONAs mission is :

We would like every woman who wants a doula to have one. We also want doulas to be well prepared for their important role. Our mission is to provide training and certification opportunities for doulas of varied cultures, educational backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic levels. Also, we aim to educate health care providers, the public and third-party payers of the benefits of a doula’s presence during childbirth and postpartum.

For more information on DONA you can visit their website.

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Danielle Elwood

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