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Mommy Guilt

I hear the term Mommy Guilt way too much. More than we should be thinking about it at least. As mothers and parents we should be focusing on doing the best job raising our own children, not giving

Celebrity Home Births

Even though the thought of giving birth at home is still a continually taboo subject surrounded by a large amount of ignorance, and misinformation, there are a ton of celebrities option to give birth
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April is Cesarean Awareness Month

Unknown to most people, along with Autism Awareness Month, April is Cesarean Awareness Month. When I discuss this with local mothers — and sometimes health care providers — most question the need for


In my mother’s generation, the baby boomers who were giving birth in the last 20-40 years, episiotomies were routine for the vast majority of women going into the hospital to give birth. It hasn’t

Milford for Justin : 6 year old searches for Bone Marrow Match

Justin was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphatic Lymphoma in March of 2009, one day after he turned 6 years old. Since then Justin has undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment to help fight his

Avoiding a Cesarean during Stalled Labor

I came across this video on youtube, and I thought it was an amazing resource. Enjoy!

What Do I Really Need (Part 5)

Continuing with my series of What Do I Really Need for a baby, we move on to part 5 today. If you are unfamiliar with this series, feel free to look back at parts 1 through 4 What Do I Really Need

More new Cesarean Statistics

Since the NIH VBAC Conference, and the Post Cesarean Feelings Survey posts that have been going on, I have been trying to avoid any other cesarean related posts or information for the simple overkill
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Why I am Happy about Health Care Reform!

For myself, and many women who have had previous cesarean births, this health care reform is a victory for us. But there are also other huge positives for the childbirth community, as well as