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What Do I Really Need for a Baby (Part 6)

Continuing the What Do I need for a Baby Series inspired by the Babies R Us New Parents Checklist, today is onto part 6! If you missed parts 1-5 you can click on the links below to check out what you missed. What Do I Really Need Part 1 What Do I Really Need Part […] [Read More]

Upcoming Events at the Beardsley Zoo

If you are someone who has been reading here since I started writing this blog last August, you will know that my family carries a yearly pass to the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport. It is a great activity for our children, and it makes a fun family day, whether on the weekend, or just going […] [Read More]

What Every Pregnant Women Should Know About Her Rights

Going into the hospital to give birth can sometimes be a scary experience for some women, especially with the maternity care system as we know it today. Knowing your legal rights as a patient is very important. Here is a sample of the Patient Bill of Rights (I highlighted the rights that stand out in […] [Read More]

New Study Shows : Breastfeeding Saves Lives!

A new study that has come out recently shows that despite all the medical advances, and advances in infant formula, there are 911 babies in the United States alone annually that will die as a result of not being breast fed. Scary as a mother of a child who had to be formula fed for […] [Read More]

10 Ways to Go Green on Earth Day!

Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! Here are a couple great, and easy tips to help you and your family go green! Start a compost pile, or build a compost bin in your backyard. This can be done for as little as $15! Use reusable dish towels in the kitchen to replace […] [Read More]

Facebook’s Anti-Parenting Agenda

I know most probably do not keep up with the Politics of Facebook, and what takes place regarding the website. Heck, I still have some friends and family members that absolutely refuse to use the site. At this point I am starting to understand why. First it started with breastfeeding pictures. Women feeding their children, […] [Read More]
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The Cupcake Truck

The days are getting longer, and warmer, and many of us mothers are looking for fun activities to get us, and our children out of the house.  My newest discovery, which really isn’t very new to the area is the New Haven Cupcake Truck!   What an amazingly awesome concept. A truck, almost like an ice cream […] [Read More]

Better Births, Lower Costs!

Something I have been saying all along. The less intervention, and medical technology that is put into normal and low risk birthing women, the better off the outcomes will be. We will have lower cesarean rates, lower admissions into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and overall better maternal outcomes. With recent studies criticizing and […] [Read More]