Must to avoid: Indy Hall paving July 5-7

The parking lot at the town’s Sullivan-Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Road, will be closed three days after the July 4 holiday for paving, but municipal offices will be open.

Department of Public Works crews will grind, re-grade and pave the parking lot Thursday, Friday and Saturday. While the parking lot will be closed during the business day on Thursday and Friday, the lot will be open at night for use by anyone attending public meetings.

The lot will be closed all day on Saturday. In case of inclement weather on any of the days, the project is expected to be completed Sunday.

Even though Sullivan-Independence Hall offices will maintain their usual schedule during the paving work, officials suggest anyone who does not have pressing business avoid coming to the offices Thursday and Friday because of limited parking available on the rest of the municipal campus.

There will be overflow parking available in the parking lot behind First Church Congregational, across Old Post Road.

There is also parking nearby along the east side of Penfield Road from Old Post Road to East Paulding Street, as well as the east side of Beach Road from Old Post Road to Sunnie Holme Drive.

For more information or questions, call the Department of Public Works at 203-256-3181.

John Schwing