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T-Party at SoNo Marketplace – Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

IMG_1940There’s something about a vintage items – maybe it’s the innate history, perhaps it’s the memories associated with an item that simply isn’t made anymore, or the quality that you don’t find in modern goods.  Whatever your reason, I think we can all agree that antique and vintage items are unique and special.

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Unless you know enough about antiques to determine the real from the faux, and have time and energy to scour flea markets, eBay, and tag sales, finding these treasures isn’t so easy.  Unless you know where to look.  Susan Borgen, proprietor of T-Party Antiques at the SoNo Marketplace does the work for you – her tiny shop is chock-full of whimsical vintage finds; books that conjure memories of simpler times, a thermos that your dad may have carried to work, delicate floral porcelain china, simple wooden dollhouses that will outlast today’s plastic palaces, and board games that children used to play long before the video variety.

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A former graphic designer, Borgen is an artist herself. Many of the items in her shop are re-purposed – metal lunch boxes that she decopouged and has given a new life, lamps created from vintage pottery and other unique items.

Borgen’s shop may seem familiar – until 2008, Borgen owned T-Party Antiques and Tearoom on Squab Lane in Darien, a popular meeting spot and frequent host to baby and bridal showers.  But when the owner decided to sell the building (a charming farmhouse), she was unable to find a suitable location.  The online market for antiques and collectibles was just opening up and Bogen took advantage of the new venue to open an online shop with Etsy.   With over 1,000 items sold and counting, it’s a tremendous success by any measure.  She also maintains her own blog and is a frequent contributor to Studios Magazine, a publication aimed at artists and their creative spaces.

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This year, the opportunity to open another brick and mortar shop surfaced at the SoNo Marketplace and a new, T-Party welcomed shoppers – tea, however, can be purchased from one of the many food vendors in the Marketplace!

T-Party Antiques at the SoNo Marketplace –  314 Wilson Avenue in South Norwalk, CT. This week, the merchant shops will be open on Thursday from 11am to 6 pm, and Friday through Sunday from 10am to 6 pm.