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Hot and Saucy!

hot sauceSome like it hot…and some like it hotter than hot – that’s what Hoardable Hot Sauce‘s owners are counting on. Since 2010 a Stamford-based couple, Abby Yates and Jens Tschebull, have been searing the taste buds of Fairfield County residents with their line of combustible condiments.

Each of the five saucy flavors has varying degrees of heat – mild to four-alarm.  Plum Sauce has a mild flavor and Asian notes, Lemon-Thyme is mild in spice and uses Gilbertie’s organic, golden lemon-thyme, combined with a lemon-drop chili grown in Bethel, both of which have natural citrus notes.  This sauce is wonderful on grilled seafood and also makes a great base for salad dressing.  The Red Pepper Mix, is a blend of six different locally grown peppers, this would be considered your common, red-hot sauce and used on eggs, pizza, potatoes, meats, poultry, etc.  And the same for the Green Pepper Mix, made up of poblanos and jalapeno; like the Red Pepper Mix, this is medium in spice and is used for the same applications, you can put it on anything, anything!

Yates told me that her partner is one of those people with a collection of hot sauces and a palate that can sustain quite a bit of heat.  “He was never interested in the hot sauces that were created to be as hot as possible,” Yates explained.  She said that those sauces are largely made with capsaicin oil, an extract of chilies and the active component of a hot pepper or chili. Instead, he was a fan of the Ghost pepper, or Bhut Jolokia, a remarkably hot chili from India, that until recently,was considered the hottest pepper on the planet.  But, being a chef-at heart, with an encyclopedic knowledge of hot sauces, Tschebull knew, that combining the Ghost Pepper with other ingredients would bring the level of spice to a consumable level.  In his aptly named, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, he balanced out the heat of the locally grown Ghost Peppers with carrot, which perfectly balances out the heat.  “We wanted to do something different, use this extremely flavorful and spicy ingredient, but make it palatable to a larger audience and that is why we created the Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” Yates said.

The Cruel and Unusual Punishment, as the name suggests is hot, cruel for some, but unusual that it is not too spicy that it can’t be enjoyed by most at the table.  “It is our most popular sauce, our best gift solution and that is why we can’t keep up with the demand; every year we have been almost doubling our batch size,” Yates said.

They take pride in the fact that all their ingredients are grown locally, on small farms, “Even our salt is solar-evaporated in the Hamptons from Amagansett Sea Salt Company,” Yates notes.

Hoardable Hot Sauce can be found on the tables of local restaurants (Port Coffeehouse in Bridgeport, BJ Ryans in Norwalk, King’s Kitchen in Southport) and can be purchased at many local farmers’ markets and specialty grocers.  For a full list, click sauce 3

Hoardable Hot Sauce is also available for purchase on-line at