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Pleygo, It’s Like Netflix for Lego

IMG_2508 (800x600)Every once in a while a new service comes along that’s so incredibly genius that we just want to share it with the world.  Pleygo is a new Netflix-like service for Lego sets.  It works like this: you buy a subscription to Pleygo, go online and select from thousands of Lego sets, a Lego set is mailed to your home,and your children rejoice.  Then they you assemble it.  When you’re done, put the pieces back in the box and return it.  As soon as it’s received by Pleygo,  a new set in your queue will be mailed out. And there’s no limit to the number of sets you can receive in a month. It’s really that simple – and if you have purchased any of the Lego sets (especially the larger ones) extremely cost-effective!

Of course, it would take a mom to realize that there was a void in the market and launch this business.  Elina Furman was spending a small fortune on Lego sets for her son (can you relate!!??).  She launched the business in May and already has customer base of  more than 7,000 users – and Furman says that membership is doubling every month.

Pleygo offers three monthly subscription rates based on the size of sets customers want to rent: $15, $25, or $39. So it’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than buying – the Star WarsRogue Shadow, for example, goes for $179.99 on  OK, but what about lost pieces, or, even more concerning, what if little Johnny can’t bear to part with his creation?  The company allows for occasional lost pieces , and you can purchase the set at the regular retail price if you really just can’t let it go.

And for all you germaphobes out there – every set is sterilized before they are shipped.  Now if there was a way to keep those little suckers from becoming embedded in your feet when you step on them..OUCH!!  Pleygo is currently offering one month free…why not give it a try?